5 things

Salesforce can’t do

Whether you are in the early stages of your research, or narrowing down potential new solution providers, it is important to invest the time reviewing the capabilities each solution offers in order to match them to your organisation’s own requirements. Here are 5 things Salesforce cannot offer that Dynamics 365 can:

1) Unmatched productivity

Currently, Salesforce does not offer immersive Excel, OneNote or Teams integrations. In most modern organisations (and in more modern times) these applications play a vital role in the way teams communicate and share ideas and work. With the addition of Dynamics 365 you are given a much deeper Office 365 integration across Dynamics 365 legacy and other third party data sources through a single agent interface, further empowering your teams to work as efficiently, and effectively, as possible.

2) AI embedded in everything we do

With the power of Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence solutions embedded in the platform, Dynamics 365 offers its users some of the most advanced CRM and ERP features and benefits in the market, including:

  • Common development and AI platform
  • Mixed reality applications that visualise products and unlock deeper customer insights
  • Relationship assistant that will watch over daily activities, generate tailored actionable insights, and provide a relationship health score
  • Sales Insights that offer unique AI features not in Salesforce such as conversational intelligence and built-in sales coaching
  • IoT alerts in connected field service can initiate a work order in Dynamics 365
  • Customer Insights which enrich customer profiles with audience intelligence such as user interests and brand affinity from Microsoft Graph; something not found in Salesforce Customer 360
  • Fraud protection protects the customer's commerce revenue stream.

3) High value

We strongly believe that the Dynamics 365 solutions are the best value for money available across SMB, SMC and Enterprise level organisations. Bottom line is when comparing SalesForce.com with Dynamics 365, the licensing costs are significantly lower with Microsoft. We have seen savings of over 40% on licence costs when customers have moved to Dynamics 365

Having worked across both Government and private sector, Fusion5 and Microsoft completely understand the need for maintaining on-prem solutions, even today. Unlike Salesforce, we offer Dual Use rights for both online and on-premises use.

Additionally, Salesforce has several different underlying applications (mostly through acquisition) that make up their platform, each with their own SLA, storage and compliance commitments, and encryption functionality, while Microsoft has just one.

4) Common data service

We’ve discussed the benefits for employee collaboration with an integrated Dynamics 365 solution, but that also means it is integrated between your front office to back office.

Easily build, extend and customise your Dynamics 365 and Office 365 with Power Apps and Power Automate utilising Common Data service for Apps across ERP, CRM and your productivity applications. The Microsoft Power BI solution itself has much stronger BI capabilities than the Salesforce equivalent Einstein Analytics (Eg Data connectivity, data prep, hybrid cloud querying and geospatial capabilities).  

Microsoft offers a single vendor across CRM/ERP, IoT, AI, VR, with cloud infrastructure that scales globally and data that is encrypted at rest by default without loss of functionality, unlike Salesforce Shield which comes at an additional cost.

5) One business cloud from one company


Microsoft Dynamics 365


CRM Apps

ERP Apps



Native Power Platform / Azure


Common Data Service

Only apps on Lightning


Open Data Model





Office Productivity

Office 365 (Market Leader)


Business Intelligence

Power BI (Market Leader)

Tableau / Einstein Analytics


Azure SQL Database,
Azure Data Estate,
Azure Data Lake


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