Dynamics 365

for Marketing Managers

As a Marketing Manager, you have no doubt witnessed a shift in responsibility over the past 5 or so years and find you are increasingly responsible for not only brand awareness and general content production, but for overall sales and lead generation activities. The role has transformed from promotion to being the growth engine for the entire business. That’s a lot of change in responsibility over such a short period and something you have no doubt had to learn while the transformation is taking place around you.

Beyond these challenges of increasing complexity in your role as well as going beyond traditional marketing to drive business growth, there is also the matter of keeping up with internal business expectations and offering a competitive customer experience as well as budget prioritisation across marketing activities and the tools to help you deliver.

On the technology front, the challenges you face lie within creating unified customer data profiles from disparate data sources (anyone else get given a random excel spreadsheet of contacts not in your CRM, or is that just me?) In addition, there is now an explosion of channels to prioritise, engage with and manage while keeping data security and privacy (excel spreadsheets!!!) front of mind and keeping up with evolving innovation – analytics, AI, etc. 

A Dynamics 365 solution can help you manage and overcome all the above challenges. With Dynamics 365 you can:

  • Orchestrate your customer’s journey: Connect with customers with the right message at the right time in the right channel
  • Align sales and marketing: Create seamless customer experiences with marketing automation, shared data, and a single, unified view of prospects
  • Make informed decisions: Gather a deeper understanding of customer needs and interests to target the right audience with AI-driven insights, lead-scoring, and custom dashboards
  • Grow with an adaptable platform. Customise and extend your capabilities to tailor your marketing to your needs.

When compared to other solutions in the market such as Salesforce, only Microsoft Dynamics 365 can offer consistent experiences when crossing between their services. Dynamics 365 is an integrated platform with applications that work seamlessly together and across the Microsoft suite. We can also integrate your data from almost any source.

By enabling the power of the cloud you can bring together AI and assistant capabilities to create intelligent systems, integrate sales and marketing, and get a 360-degree view of the customer with the cloud-only Customer Insights solution.

For more information on whether a Dynamics 365 Solution is right for you please get in touch with us via the form to chat with a consultant or book a demonstration. 

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