Dynamics 365

for Sales Managers

As a Sales Manager, some of your many responsibilities would fall under 3 key areas of sales strategy: Planning, Execution and Measurement. Customers and sales come first, everything else is a distant second.

You will advise on sales strategies, forecasting and general management issues and have a strategic and financially literate mindset. Your day-to-day challenges include meeting increased targets, driving retention, mitigating churn and empowering your staff to not only generate quality, qualified leads, but to upsell/cross sell your entire product or service range where applicable.

On the technology front, the challenges you face involve eliminating complexity and ineffective internal processes, providing your sellers with an aggregated view of customer data and getting the right information about target prospects at the right time. In addition, you want to enable greater cross-functional use of that customer data to assist in long-term sales planning to maintain growth as well as greater sales and marketing alignment and integration.

A Dynamics 365 solution can help you manage and overcome all the above challenges. With contextual insights you can enable smarter selling to improve conversions, increase response rates, tailor engagement and keep your relationships on track.

Those relationships can be built better with authentic and personal engagement from your staff. See the customer’s point of view, improve engagement and collaborate to build better sales content by bringing your customer and data together.

With Dynamics 365 you can boost your team’s productivity and free up more time for selling. Automate the routine, boost integration between sales and marketing and collaborate more easily with the Office 365 suite of integrated collaboration tools such as Teams.

Customer expectations are growing, buying practices and channels are changing, and sales teams are being forced into a reactive mode. Put your data to work to identify customer trends that can’t be detected by human capabilities alone. Supercharge your sellers’ skills to transform customer engagement and elevate sales performance. All of this is possible with Dynamics 365 and the power of AI.

When compared to other solutions in the market such as Salesforce, only Microsoft Dynamics 365 can offer consistent experiences when crossing between their services. Dynamics 365 is an integrated platform with applications that work seamlessly together and across the Microsoft suite. We can also integrate your data from almost any source. 

By enabling the power of the cloud you can bring together AI and assistant capabilities to create intelligent systems, integrate sales and marketing, and get a 360-degree view of the customer with the cloud-only Customer Insights solution.

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