Blog #3 for GTOs - matching trainees to employers

The need for a magic matching machine.

What you #needtoknow.

All GTOs have been in this situation. It’s Friday afternoon, and your staff are scrambling to make sure that all the apprentices on your books will have an employer to go to on Monday morning.

They’re busy working out who can go where, checking they have the requisite skills needed for the job at hand, and figuring out where the worksite is located and what transport is required to get there, etc. It can be a logistical nightmare.

In a perfect world

Most GTO systems don’t support automating this process, which means your staff are left poring over a mountain of paper and searching excel spreadsheets, trying to contact host employers and more. Added to this, is the uncertainty as to whether you have the right type and number of employers to support your apprentice workforce.

In a perfect world, you’d have a magic matching machine. You’d record the key attributes, skills, and requirements of apprentices, and detail the employers and their capacity. Then, with a single press of a button, wheels would whirl into motion to instantly match the right apprentices with the perfect employers. You’d perfectly utilise the capabilities of your apprentices against the opportunities offered by employers.

Obviously, it’s critical that you maximize your resources for fundamental business reasons. But, it’s equally as important to ensure that employers have the appropriate apprentice on staff.

Getting this wrong can be just as costly in the long term as having people on the bench. If an employer feels that they’re badly serviced, or end up with poorly matched apprentices, then they’re unlikely to want to engage with you in the future.

Having billable apprentices is key to your success. So, it’s essential that you have a system which enables you to send them out with the confidence they are well matched to their new employer. And that no-one is left sitting on the bench come Monday morning.

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