To do list.

Moving to Dynamics 365 F&O v8.1? Here’s your 18-step upgrade ‘to do’ list.

A successful upgrade to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations v8.1 requires time, commitment and a detailed, step-by-step checklist.

Here’s our handy ‘to do’ guide:

  1. Establish a timeline which minimises business disruption

  2. Prepare a budget

  3. Define the resourcing requirements for your project

  4. Allocate resources to your project and governance teams

  5. Choose an upgrade implementation methodology

  6. Identify outstanding extensibility requirements

  7. Get upgraded ISV packages

  8. Freeze your code

  9. Move code to Main DevOps trunk

  10. Run LCS upgrade analysis

  11. Re-provision DEV environment as version 8.1

  12. Perform Code upgrade/merge

  13. Refresh PROD DB to UAT

  14. Upgrade UAT to 8.1

  15. Perform User Acceptance Testing

  16. Upgrade PROD to 8.1

  17. GO LIVE

  18. Upgrade other environments (TEST, SIT, UAT2, etc) to 8.1

  19. Call Fusion5.

I know. No. 19 is a bit cheeky, but if time, resources and certainty of outcome are a very real issue, why take on the risk of a project which is critical to your business?

Why not just call us? In just 4-6 weeks1 we can get you upgraded to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations v8.1 and looking good.

1 Timeframe depends on a number of factors, any existing code overlayering will require additional time to move to extensions.


Great outcomes start with great conversations.