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Dynamics 365 Myths

As any organisation working in a highly competitive environment can attest to, certain untruths can enter the ether that may paint one product or solution in a better light than the other. Let us address some of the myths you may have heard or read about a Dynamics solution as best we can:

1) Dynamics is hard to customise and configure

The Dynamics 365 interface has been standardised across all the business applications / power platform to be a consistent way of form design. The interface has been designed for no code / low code mentality and non-technical resources can customise and configure the platform. In addition to this, the ongoing training (including free certification, app development short courses), support and a wealth of resources, can empower your employees to build their knowledge base and become experts in their field.

2) Dynamics 365 is not user friendly

People know when they are using a Microsoft product and there is a certain comfortable familiarity that comes with it. With Dynamics 365, all user, license management and sign-on is through the existing Office 365 portal. The way you interact with the platform is flexible, as it can be used through tools we use everyday with Office 365. This could be via Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Outlook.

3) is a premium service is often perceived by customers as the premium product. However, when customers dig deeper into the platform, it is not natively connected between some of their modules and can be extremely expensive with integrations. Dynamics 365 can match the functionality of but Microsoft can go further by its native connectivity with Office 365 and Azure functions. On top of the functionality, the costs are significantly cheaper and you’re provided with more flexibility on your licences.

4) has stronger industry experience do promote their industry solutions heavily. However, Microsoft do have accelerators available in the market. On top of the accelerators, partners like Fusion5 can bring experience to customers around Manufacturing, Financial Services, Professional Services, Construction, Sports and Memberships and Education (K-12).

5) Dynamics 365 is not part of the other Microsoft product suite.

Dynamics 365 and the other product suites from Microsoft, all sit on the common data service (now known as the Dataverse). This is something cannot offer.

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