Two trends that matter.

by Pia Bruns.

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From my days in the health & beauty industry, I know that trends really matter. Some trends are a flash in the pan, some shift the entire industry in a new direction. To me, there are two trends that will redefine the future of our industry.

The trends themselves aren’t that surprising. While they may seem obvious, the important thing is how we react to them. This will determine who sinks and who swims.

Going natural

As with food and household cleaners, more and more people are choosing “natural” products, or products without artificial ingredients.

Of course, you can remove everything that people don’t want, but the products still need to work or taste good: you still need to make products that people love.

To deal with that, you only need to look at the food industry for inspiration. Why the food industry?

Many consumers are thinking of their food as medicine and choosing what to eat based on how it impacts their health. So it’s logical that many of the hot ingredients consumers are looking for when they choose what they put in and on their body could come from emerging food trends.

Coconut oil, quinoa, honey and avocado oil are common health and beauty ingredients that started life as food trends. The opportunity for innovative brands is to tap the same appeal. What’s the latest buzz at your local vegan café?

“Natural” health & beauty products mean something different to everybody. What’s universal however is today’s consumers want authentic brands and products that tell an authentic story.

Let’s get personal

Consumers want to give their loyalty to brand they identify with, but it’s not all a one-way street. Brands need to identify with their customers as well. And it’s not a static relationship! If you don’t evolve with the latest trends then look out, customers want innovation also.

With the proliferation of choice for consumers, loyalty has become more difficult for brands to achieve. Consumers are used to lots of choice and they want personal products that suit them exactly. Your relevance to these specific needs is critical.

What you need is a more targeted, personalised and relevant method of building brand loyalty.

This is where you need to win online, to ensure repeat business as customers replenish what they have run out of, and for new consumers to research and discover new products.

You might – or might not – be working on this now. Wherever you are, the key to this challenge will be the ability to connect the data that tells you what your audiences are interested in now and what they might be interested in with the ability to buy, and deliver the most personal experience you can.

Looking to the future, the impact of voice and in-home digital assistants is growing. It’s time to start thinking how you can leverage multiple platforms and the data you capture to provide truly personal services to your consumers.

So what’s next?

These trends will permanently change consumer expectations. How you engage with customers must also change. To harness these trends, you need the space for innovation combined with the technology platform to bring your innovation to life.

From my days working in the health & beauty industry I saw “up close and personal” the everyday challenges most brands face. Today I’m pleased to still be closely connected to the industry I love, helping companies tackle these challenges with NetSuite technology. It’s a solution that can enable positive change for your brand, and do it fast, so you can jump on trends quickly – or start a few of your own! Here’s a link to read more about the goodness NetSuite can bring.

About Pia:

My career has seen me working with some of the top Health & Beauty manufacturers and distributors in the business. I was lucky to have worked in business development, account management, and marketing for some of the most iconic brands. Today I combine my love of technology and the Health & Beauty industry in my role as a NetSuite Account Manager at Fusion5.



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