Microsoft Dynamics 365 for


Make better business decisions. Adapt quickly to change. Drive business growth.

Manage your bids, contracts, and track information about your customers with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the Construction Industry

Make your sales process smarter, not harder

Get smart, stay focused and move deals, bids and projects forward with recommendations and guidance at every stage. 

Organise your customer and contact data

We understand you have subcontractors, customers, suppliers, partners and more. Using Dynamics 365 you can manage and edit your contacts data to suit your business needs.  

Supercharge your sales and bid performance

Enjoy full visibility of your sales performance with analytics dashboards based on historical and predictive data. Identify and focus on the project bids that have high chances of winning. 

Innovate with sales solutions built to evolve

Drive innovation with adaptable and scalable Construction sales solutions that are easy to tailor, extend, and connect to other applications and services you already use.

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