Growing value

The amount of data production lines work with is growing as customers become more interested in provenance and sustainability, environmental factors fluctuate demand, and multi-site production is required to keep pace.


As data sources and amounts grow, so does the complexity in many businesses to manage it all. If you currently see:

  • Inability to assure quality and testing
  • Disconnect in your supply chain causing poor demand forecasting
  • Lack of integration between finance and operations
  • A dependency to be onsite to complete certain tasks
  • Dead-ends in systems that require manual input to complete
  • High levels of working capital tied up in inventory
  • Excessive storage costs
  • Imbalanced shipment lead times
  • Inability to handle an increased or more diverse stock line

Then you're buried in data that isn't working for you. It's often hard to validate the need for change when you've been working with the same systems, processes and people for years. When someone asks you why you've been doing something a certain way, you'll respond "Because we always have."

But what would change make your data work for you? Download our Navigating Change Checklist below to see what foundational markers are needed to grow value from the data in your business.


“Before, I had to manually combine information from all these disparate, non-integrated systems to generate a complete report. It was the bane of my existence,”


What could a good ERP do for you?

Download the Navigating Change Checklist and find out.

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"It saves our sales, trading and accounts team a lot of time by streamlining four steps down to one, and the feedback from the corporate division has been great."


Let technology take you forward

Enabling your supply chain with NetSuite’s cloud native technology differs from simply performing the status quo faster and at lower cost than before. Once a supply chain is connected in NetSuite, its operating in the cloud and you can use this consolidated view to gain a far more complete picture of how your customers behave and the potential points of weakness in your operations.

For our customers in agribusiness, NetSuite has already:

  • Reduced the manual hours of data collection and transfer
  • Created lean warehouses with minimal stock-outs
  • Created tighter mission statement and KPI reporting
  • Connected finance with operations and project ROI across the business in real-time
  • Allowed them to anticipate space required, stock required, land space required
  • Converted forecasts to orders, orders to shipments, and shipments to revenue with unprecedented efficiency
  • Enhanced their warehouse order fulfillment, packing and shipping processes

With added efficiency and insights gained you can focus on maximising customer relationships and product quality.

Keep quality consistent

Assuring quality protects your brand in a competitive market, but it takes continuous assessment from each stage of production to the point of distribution. With NetSuite, Cropmark were able to roll out this level of monitoring for their existing range and a new range adding over 500 lines of inventory. Quality Management within NetSuite allows for the creation of rules and testing routines for various line items, a user can also define the test required and the pass-rate required for a positive result.

And this level of quality assurance is not limited in NetSuite to inventory, but also extends to asset management. Asset maintenance workflows ensure a longer shelf life for your business assets, by proactively notifying users of any maintenance required in a custom workflow set from the point of purchase. Have contractors servicing your machinery – or do you perform this for others? Not a problem, this is also an option.

When you integrate quality management, advanced inventory and finance management in NetSuite Cloud ERP, you can then assess and forecast strategically. Have a look at some of our customer's stories below to see how we've made their business grow value.

"Fusion5 showed they’d understood our business very well, and NetSuite was clearly an excellent fit. Where most of the other providers struggled, we could see straight away it would handle our seed quality needs effortlessly."