Services Resource Planning (SRP)

If you're chasing timesheets, wanting to increase billable hours and decrease project costs, then automation and cloud management are key. An ERP with services planning, like NetSuite, has you covered.


Staying lean, transparent and avoiding project blowouts is a hard task if you have multiple data dependencies. If you've seen:

  • Anecdotal project updates, but no real-time costs associated 
  • Higher demand from customers for transparency on projects
  • A decrease in business billable hours for administrative duties
  • Difficulty in assigning the right staff due to lack of real-time workload visibility
  • Project extensions and invoice difficulty
  • Manual receipt scanning and then re-entry of expense claims
  • Lack of integration between finance and project management
  • Staff delaying admin until they are in the office on the last day of the month
  • Extended proposals with longer close times

Then there is room for improvement - with a high return on your investment.  NetSuite Services Resource Planning is made to automate, monitor and provide 24/7 ease of access so you and your staff can stay on time, on budget and on par with your competition.  If you're already hunting for a business solution, then cut to the chase and download our Navigating Change Checklist available below.

“With the old systems we had very limited visibility. Now, we can see exactly where we’re making money, and where we’re underperforming,”


Every service business holds in its hands
the two most important decision making factors:
the customer and the financials. 

Although NetSuite is often called an ERP, that's not intended to exclude the capability that comes with a CRM or a Business Analytics tool. NetSuite ERP has both as standard, integrated with your back-office to optimise not only internal operations above accounting software, but to provide a connected and more accurate picture of your business and its customers. 

The Customer:

View a customer in light of their previous transactions, billing, services and preferences in one system. View key associated contacts, services requested and assess opportunities for upgrades, reassignment, referrals or cross-sell. With NetSuite CRM:

  • Reduce attrition and decrease customer care costs with customer service and support management tools.
  • Automate assignment, management and escalation with case and issue management.
  • Gain a a single, pervasive view of customer information with CRM analytics and reporting.
  • Integrate quote and order management that flows seamlessly to the finance system for processing.
  • Drive sales performance, lead generation, nurturing and management with advanced sales force and marketing automation.
  • Anytime, anywhere mobile access.

The Financials:

Open up NetSuite to your own powerful dashboard reporting, monitor and manage financial performance, optimise cash management and analyse opportunities in real-time. With NetSuite Financials:

  • Accelerate financial close and ensure accountability and compliance.
  • Accelerate cash flow with integrated quote-to-order-to-cash process 
  • Automate billing, invoicing and complex recurring, time and project-based billing
  • Reduce cost, revenue leakage and customer churn with integrated and automated contract renewal 

What could a good ERP do for you?

We've laid out the key points in our Navigating Change Checklist. See what you can expect from NetSuite ERP and how quickly you may need to make the change!

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"We’re no longer restricted by geography....I was in Europe 5 or 6 months ago, and able to access and use our systems without a problem.”

Peter Stewart, CEO, MONTROSE

NetSuite’s cloud native SRP is not a project management tool that talks to your finance system.  It's end-to-end project management capability for service professionals, integrated with NetSuite's full ERP solution

Why NetSuite SRP?

NetSuite SRP helps you complete projects more quickly, generate invoices accurately and efficiently, and decrease accounts receivable cycles, so you improve cash flow and eliminate revenue leakage.

It also meets the demands of your customers for increased transparency, agility in addressing client-side roadblocks and real-time financial accountability.

With NetSuite SRP, you gain complete visibility into and control over the entire business—in realtime, from the moment a new opportunity is identified through to project delivery, invoicing and revenue recognition, all while eliminating double entry and costly systems and integrations management overhead.

NetSuite SRP also empowers the mobile services organisation with anytime, anywhere access in the cloud, supporting users where they work—on the go, at client sites or remotely.

"Managers can now see the up-to-minute status of their teams and our customers,”

Sharon Butler, Business Advisor, Optimation