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Transform your HR. Attract the best people. Create a high-performance culture.

Enhanced Hiring and Onboarding with Microsoft Dynamics for Talent

Today's employees set the bar high. They want to work for companies where they can demonstrate the impact of their hard-won skills and personal application, and drive career growth.

Dynamics 365 for Talent enables you to provide exceptional experiences across employee attraction, engagement, development, and retention. You’ll get the right people onboard more quickly, then set them up for success from day one through a process of ongoing mentoring, assessment and feedback, and setting career goals.  

And your HR team will love how Dynamics 365 for Talent automates routine tasks, ensures compliance and provides visualisation of your workforce to improve planning, performance, resource utilisation and more.

So, what can Dynamics 365 for Talent do for me?

Attract and hire the right people, faster

Streamline and customise your recruitment and hiring process to deliver great outcomes for candidates and your company alike.

  • Engage in collaborative recruiting - Customise your entire hiring process with Dynamics 365, plus the power of LinkedIn. Share centralised candidate information with your hiring team.
  • Create a ‘wow’ candidate experience – Treat your candidates like VIPs with an easily accessible portal that provides guidance and transparency every step of the way.
  • Empower hiring managers – Provide visibility into candidate profiles, and access to assessment tools, interviewer assignments, simplified interview scheduling, and mobile feedback.

Invest in employee success, from day one

Make the experience of joining your company a great one for new employees, from the very first day.

  • Create a memorable onboarding - Greet new employees with personalised checklists. Get administrative tasks done quickly, so you can focus on a creating a great day-one experience.
  • Speed up impact - Ensure new employees stay focused on work priorities with a centralised location for resources, like videos, training, organisation charts, and more.
  • Establish key connections – Align new employees with cross-functional teams and create socialisation opportunities via easily accessible contact information and team details.
  • Design winning processes - Monitor employee progress and replicate successful onboarding experiences with the ability to save guides as templates for specific roles.

Advance a culture of excellence

Make the experience of joining your company a great one for new employees, from the very first day.

  • Enable a two-way dialogue - Provide continuous feedback and reward high performers by turning performance into a two-way conversation between employees and managers.
  • Get insight into performance – Track employee accomplishments with real-time dashboards. Provide visibility through performance journals, real-time feedback, and goal management.
  • Align performance assessments - Conduct collaborative performance reviews with the ability to offer feedback on active goals, rate competencies, and create career-path guides.

Accelerate development and growth

Retain employees longer and realise more value from their output by investing in their professional growth.

  • Support continuous learning - Seamlessly track employee accomplishments, ensure certifications are completed, and recommend additional training.
  • Customise experiences by role – Direct the next best action for professional growth. Clearly outline the skills and competencies required for advancement and promotion based on role.
  • Encourage and enable professional growth – Let your employees manage their own career path by maintaining detailed profiles that outline experience, skills, and competencies.

Maximise operational excellence

Centralise and streamline your HR activities and data to improve efficiency, productivity and reduce complexity.

  • Invest in strategy, not manual activity - Maximise the strategic impact of your HR team by automating routine tasks such as benefits, compensation, and leave and absence.
  • Centralise employee profiles - Use Microsoft Office 365 and LinkedIn data to create consolidated 360-degree views of employee profiles that highlight skills and experiences.
  • Reduce compliance risk - Avoid costly fines and easily navigate regulations that govern the employment relationship and maintain HR compliance across your global organisation.
  • Improve workplace planning – Use people analytics provide the right insights for the right action. Reduce reporting complexities utilising rich dashboards available on any device.

Deliver greater insights into your business 

Power up! Dynamics 365 includes access to Microsoft Power BI, a suite of business analytics tools which allow you to analyse data and share insights. 

  • Provide a 360-degree view of the business - Power BI dashboards present all your most important metrics in one place, updated in real-time, and available on all of your devices.
  • One click is all it takes - Explore the data behind your dashboard using intuitive tools that make finding answers easy.
  • Dashboards made easy - Creating a dashboard is simple, thanks to hundreds of connectionsto popular business applications, complete with prebuilt dashboards.
  • Anytime, anywhere access – Access your data and reports from anywhere with Power BI Mobileapps, which automatically update any changes to your data.

Why Fusion5 for your Microsoft solutions?

Fusion5 have a proven track record of delivering Microsoft solutions that delight our customers and produce great business outcomes.  As a member of the Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle, we are not only recognised as being an expert and trusted pair of hands for consultancy, implementation, change management and support, but we also advance access to product updates, licensing changes, and the ability to take our customers feedback to the source of Microsoft innovation, to help bring solutions that really make a difference to our clients.

Are you ready to find out more?

If you'd like to know how Dynamics 365 for Talent will add value to your business, or if you’re interested in discovering why Microsoft Dynamics 365 should be part of your Digital Transformation roadmap, chat with us.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, winner of the Microsoft Dynamics Services Partner of the Year award, and member of the elite Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle, we’re excited to talk with you about how Dynamics 365 can amplify your success!


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