Microsoft Flow

Automate, synchronize, collect. Do more, work less.

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Work smarter with Microsoft Flow

Manage all your daily tasks by creating automated workflows between your favourite apps and services to get notifications, synchronise your files, collect data, and more.

Streamline all of the large tasks that you have to do throughout the day as well as tackle the simple things like answering the hundreds of emails that fill up your inbox each week. Flag specific messages which require responses, set up client meetings, follow up leads, and all of the other small background tasks that require your attention.

Lift the load of admin, so you and your team have more time to work on projects and tasks which require and deserve more time and focus.

Microsoft Flow is built for the enterprise with deep integration with Office 365, Dynamics 365, and other platforms such as Salesforce.

Get the most out of Flow

We can help you use Flow to:

  • Boost your productivity with hands-off message management – streamline your daily workflow to deliver conditional outcomes. Send low-priority emails in one direction and generate text alerts when you receive high-priority emails from clients or management, so you can respond immediately. Automate sending out weekly reports and create flows to capture tweets or hashtags that are about you or your business.
  • Share data, effortlessly - create flows that copy files from one place to another, so your team have access to the information they need. For example, automatically copy files from your OneDrive to the team’s shared Dropbox.
  • Connect more – while Flow does focus on connecting Microsoft business tools including Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Power Apps, it also works with Mailchimp, Salesforce, and select Facebook and Twitter functions.
  • Leverage the Microsoft Common Data Model (CDM) – integrate Flow with CDM to achieve a unified view of business data. Store the data you collect back in CDM and access it from the cloud.
  • Go mobile - manage your flows on-the-go! As long as you have a smart device, away from the office doesn’t mean out of control. Monitor your activity feed to make sure everything’s on schedule, and if something is out of sync, send push notifications to get it fixed.

Why talk to Fusion5 about Microsoft Flow?

Make life easier and free up time, without dumbing down your capabilities, response times or ability to complete tasks on time.

From guidance, concept and design, through to delivery, training and rollout, and ongoing support and advice - everything we do is aimed at making sure you get every possible business advantage from Flow.


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