The increasingly granular and complex nature of Dynamics 365 licensing has caused costly confusion for many. You should consider a Fusion5 Dynamics 365 Licensing Health Check if:

  • You are you concerned you’re paying for redundant licenses, or have poorly scoped license configurations, that are adding unnecessary cost.
  • You aren’t 100% confident you’ll meet the new technical enforcements of Team Member licenses coming in at the end of 2020.
  • You don’t have the resources and necessary competencies to ensure audit compliance.
  • You’re worried you’re missing opportunity to gain greater productivity for you users by not leveraging available add-ons.

Undertaking a Fusion5 Dynamics 365 Licensing Health Check will:

  • Enable you to match the appropriate licensing model to your user scenarios and give you advice on license changes, improving your ROI and reducing costs
  • Provide recommendations on the right-sized licenses to ensure you are compliant to reduce audit non-compliance remediation costs
  • Map your licensing needs against current promotions so you can benefit from Microsoft’s most advantageous offerings
  • Identify how to optimise your licensing to fit your current business model, stripping out cost-attracting redundancies, improving security, and ensuring your licensing plan is structured so you aren’t penalised for making changes when you need to scale.
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