Observations on digital transformation in the Covid era

Download our free white paper on based on firsthand observations from Australian and New Zealand businesses and organisations who, despite the challenges, undertook significant technology projects during these ‘interesting’ times

These ‘feel the fear and transform anyway’ businesses discussed:

  • The tipping point for change: What accelerated businesses to undertake technology projects instead of waiting for the pandemic to pass?
  • Learnings from pandemic projects: Thoughts on adapting people, processes and protocols to an implementation during challenging times.
  • Price or fit: Did the financial pressure of the pandemic impact application decisions?
  • Rethinking the RFP process: Did the traditional way of finding and selecting an application and partner make the cut?
  • The tell-tale signs you’ve outgrown your SME finance application: How the stress of lockdown and decimated supply chains and markets was a moment of truth.

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Observations on digital transformation in the Covid era

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