Losing out on innovation

With your systems, there’s already a good chance something important will be missed, go wrong or simply not happen. Or worse, this may have already happened.

Take inventory management for example. We see many examples of inventory managed by spreadsheets, which:

  • Locks the forecasting and procurement processes into a spreadsheet as ‘static data’ that is hard to share or understand
  • There’s no live reporting or insight as situations change
  • What’s worse, the knowledge behind the complicated formulas that power these spreadsheets lives in the heads of only a few people!

Without a clear view of inventory, your time is wasted just trying to get clear on your current position. You get less time for innovation and less time to focus on what matters – product development and customer experience.

Break Free

Breaking free from your application sprawl, manual processes and the reliance on individual knowledge is easier than you think. We get it, you don’t want to make the situation worse. You don’t want months of discussion, project scoping and then a long and expensive software deployment.

With the agility of a Cloud system like NetSuite, you can start working with NetSuite alongside your current systems, absorbing, integrating and providing live reporting using your current business data, until you are ready to move to the power of a single platform.

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