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Covid-19 Business Update


Thursday 18 February, 2021

Cautiously hopeful

Well, the snap lockdown has been relaxed after just three days, with Auckland downgraded to Level 2, and the rest of NZ to Level 1.  We're all grateful with the weekend coming up and good weather promised! We're cautiously hopeful that community transmission is under control and that the freedoms we're afforded by these fast and strict responses continue. Stay safe everyone.  

Monday 15 February, 2021

Well, that escalated quickly! 

As NZ wakes up in Level 3 (Auckland) and Level 2 (rest of the country) today, we're reminded that our freedom isn't something we can take for granted.  Thankfully the 'go hard and go early' mentality is one we've embraced wholeheartedly - we've got this NZ!

As for Fusion5, it's pretty much 'business as usual' with all the Level 3 safety precautions attached.  We're working from home, available on a range of devices, and as always, here to help.

Our thoughts are with the family coping with the uncertainty of how this community transition occured, and support the good people doing their best to find the answers and keep us all safe.

Kia kaha New Zealand.


Tuesday 6 October 

Level 1 for Auckland from Wednesday 7 October

We're very happy to report that with 11 consecutive days of no community transmissions of Covid 19, Auckland will return to Level 1 at 11:59pm on Wednesday 6th October.  While there is essentially no change to the service and support we provide, having been 100% operational and available since the pandemic began, we do acknowledge that the shift to Level 1 will bring comfort to all New Zealanders, and all those who have loved ones living here. Nonetheless, with the advice that now is not the time to become complacent, we will continue to stay vigilant and respectful of the measures put in place to safeguard our country in the case of potential future outbreaks.

Our Melbourne team are feeling hopeful that the improving situation there will continue, and that they too will soon be free to enjoy the lighter evenings and warmer weather.

The rest of our offices across Australia and New Zealand are all well, busy, and happy.




Thursday 17 September

100% operational, available & effective!

We’re delighted to have a good number of our staff back in the office in Auckland after our brief regional return to Level 3 in NZ. The team adjusted to the temporary office closure without even batting an eyelid - in fact, many of our staff have built ‘work from home’ days into their ‘new normal’, and it’s working well for them, and our customers. Still, we’re looking forward to the de-escalation of Auckland from level 2.5, and a return to Level 1 for the rest of New Zealand – hopefully next week!

In the interests of our teams and clients, increased health and safety measures have been implemented throughout our New Zealand offices to accommodate the increased number of personnel in shared workspaces.

Across the ditch, it’s business as usual for the majority of our Australian offices. We are still keeping our fingers crossed for Victoria who are battling to control community transmission, but latest reports indicate things are starting to look up!

We’re very grateful for the continued positive attitudes of all our staff, the support and resilience of our customers, and for the technologies we have in place that have enabled us to stay connected as a team, and to stay 100% operational, available and effective for our customers.




Tuesday 7 July

We’re sad to hear about the ongoing community spread of Covid-19 in the state of Victoria (AU), but understand the need to revert to a lock-down scenario in order to get the situation under control. While all other Fusion5 offices across Australia and New Zealand are back to normal operations, our Melbourne office remains closed, in-line with requirements from the local authorities.  Nonetheless, our Victorian team continue with ‘business as usual’, working from home, managing projects remotely, and providing support, advice, and consultancy via the many business continuity platforms and technologies we have at our disposal.  Take care as we support Victoria in its focus on COVID-19. 



Tuesday 9 June

And just like that, New Zealand has moved to Level One - essentially we're back to 'business as usual', other than the ongoing border restrictions.  It's been a bumpy ride for many, and while we know the economic recovery will take time, we are delighted that so many businesses are already pushing forward with their planned (and in some cases, new!) Business Solution projects.  Our NZ offices are all open and our wonderful team have returned to their desks with a smile.  We have, like so many of you, discovered real benefits with a 'work from home' model, and where it makes sense, we are building a balance of this into our 'new normal'.

As always, we are here to provide support to business in helping them get the most from their IT/Business Solutions, and to provide expert, local, advice and consultancy on how best to optimise your business software needs, no matter what the world is throwing at us.


Thursday 28 May

With New Zealand now in Level 2, we’re happy to report that our people are happily returning to all of our NZ offices.  The health and safety measures we’ve got in place are proving easy for everyone to adhere to, and there is a delightfully comforting smell of disinfectant in the air.  It’s been wonderful to see our colleagues ‘face to face’ and rediscover the benefits of in-person conversations!  As it suits our customers, we are transitioning to site visits where desired/practical, while also continuing with our online meetings and projects where that is preferred.  Both are working well, and we’re excited at the level of optimism we’re seeing in the business community.

In Australia our team is busy, with some going back to their offices, while others are still working from home, as dictated by the rules for each state.  Despite the disruption and economic concerns, we've been grateful and heartened by the support we've been asked to provide for many of our existing customers, as well as signing on some new customers and projects.  Truly this experience has highlighted the importance of requiring robust business continuity plans, resources, and capabilities, as well as the need to stay flexible when it comes to embracing digital transformation.

We’re proud to be delivering genuinely value-adding solutions, support, and advice to the businesses of Australia and New Zealand, and are excited about the role we will play in helping organisations adapt to and thrive in the new economic environment.  Helping you delight your customers, and #makingpotentialreality is our ongoing mission.  Thanks for your support, stay positive and be kind.  We’ve got this!




4pm, 23 March 2020

From 5pm Tuesday 24 March Fusion5 will officially move all staff to 'working from home' mode, and all 9 Offices will be closed across Australia and New Zealand.  This is being done in line with advice from both Australia and New Zealand Governments, to do our part in reducing the risk to our staff and customers of community transmission of Covid-19.  This does not negatively impact our ability to provide solutions, services and support - it is still business as usual.



We’d like to acknowledge the impact Covid-19 is having on Fusion5 and our customers, and provide you with an outline of the plan we have in place to ensure we stay operational and effective through this period.

While we are aware that the Covid-19 situation is affecting business-as-usual for many companies, we would like to reassure you that Fusion5’s ability to provide business solutions, support and service for all customers will continue without interruption. 

We are not currently facing any operational barriers as a result of the current environment, nor are our partners and suppliers. As we utilise full cloud solutions, Fusion5 is completely equipped to work remotely. Our commitment to caring for your business or organisation remains constant and unaffected.

We will continue to fulfil our service and support obligations to the high standard you already expect from us, and in line with our service agreements. Customer support systems (e.g. Infusion) will continue to operate as normal.


How we're safeguarding our people for you


We have reviewed our Business Continuity Plan to ensure that if the Covid-19 situation escalates we can provide seamless and secure support and consultancy for all business services. If one or more of our staff becomes ill with Covid-19, we will implement this policy as required.

Where we can offer online alternatives to in-person meetings, or further decrease potential hygiene risks at venues and events, we will do so in accordance with Ministry of Health (NZ) & Department of Health (AU) guidelines.

Review points are set to ensure our responses reflect all the requirements for continued well-being, as the situation evolves.

We have a Pandemic Plan in place which has a progression of measures or actions to be taken following an increase in the spread, seriousness or degree of contagiousness of the virus, or an increase in alert status from the governments of the countries from which Fusion’s offices are located or impacted. 

What we are doing specifically:

  • Enabling social distancing and self-isolation with work from home protocols
  • Increasing office hygiene with extra cleaning and sanitation services
  • Protecting the health of staff (and their families) by offering flu vaccinations to reduce risk of additional health challenges
  • Encouraging video meetings and remote collaboration where it makes sense


How we can help you, now, and as we move towards recovery

We want to support you in a proactive way during this period, so we’ve organised some How-To resources to help you manage a few of the business challenges this situation is causing, and perform business-as-usual activities to the best of your ability:

Article: How to Consolidate your Crisis Communications

Video: How to Work Remotely and Effectively

Video: How your IT Team can Support your Business Securely from Anywhere

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