Fusion5 announces partnership with M-Files, the intelligent information management company

Fusion5 is excited to announce that they are partnering with M-Files Corporation, the intelligent information management company, to deliver solutions aimed at addressing information management challenges for their customers across Australia and New Zealand.

The partnership stems from a new business proposal that Fusion5 put together for the Port of Tauranga in New Zealand, which was looking for a solution to manage content and information stored across multiple systems and repositories in a unified manner.

Nathan Mossman, Portals and Content Manager, Fusion5, said, “After reviewing the solutions on the market it was clear that the strength of the M-Files solution made it the right fit for the Port. The M-Files solution, with its ability to let organisations manage business-critical documents from any device no matter where they’re stored, solves a lot of information management challenges for organisations that other technologies simply can’t.”

The partnership means that Fusion5 will be offering M-Files as part of its overall proposition.

Kristy Brown, General Manager – CRM, Fusion5, said, “M-Files aligns very closely to Fusion5’s core operations. As a business solutions company, we are always looking for partners that can help complement our offering to our customers. Most organisations still manage their structured data separate from their non-structured content. M-Files lets them unify this across all systems and repositories, which means that the orders, customers and projects they manage in their ERP and CRM systems are connected in context to the plans, designs, proposals and correspondence that they store in their network file shares, in SharePoint, ECM systems and even online file sync and share solutions. That improves transparency and with it the productivity and competitive strength of our customers."

Nathan Mossman said, “When choosing to partner with M-Files, there was a lot to like. With the various onboarding programs, events and services it offers, M-Files take great care in making sure that our sales, technical and marketing staff can support their solution in our portfolio. That is very important for us as it reduces the time it takes for us to turn the partnership into a significant part of our business.”

Nicholas Delaveris, alliances and partner director Australia & New Zealand, M-Files, said, “Fusion5 is a great fit for M-Files with a complementary focus, skillset and organisational culture, which means we will be able to work very collaboratively together for the benefit of customers. In particular, its NetSuite client base as well as its experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365 aligns perfectly to M-Files and will let us integrate and extend our value proposition.”

M-Files has also recently released M-Files Online, offering a more intelligent and flexible, system-neutral approach to managing information that makes any organisation cloud-ready. This new approach unifies information and related policies and processes across an organisation's systems and repositories, including M-Files, file shares, SharePoint, online file sharing services, and other ECM, ERP and CRM systems, providing immediate access to existing information on day one, without massive upfront data migration projects.

For more information on M-Files, click here.

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