Ivanti enterprise service management

The Power of Unified IT

Transform your business with Ivanti Unified IT

Leave behind out-dated tools and processes that hold you back from delivering innovation and responsiveness. Transform your business. Ivanti’s agile IT Service Management suite will help you meet your deadlines and free up your resources from repetitive low-value tasks so they can focus on higher-value initiatives. Regardless of the size of your organisation, multiple departments can be onboarded to one easy-to-use and maintain platform.

From reactive to proactive

You can’t manage what you can’t see and that applies to both the service team and your users. If IT lacks process, you fight fires and if you don’t have a full view of your assets and risks, you can’t move forward.

With Ivanti’s IT software your teams can quickly restore services, fulfil requests, monitor risks and manage SLAs, enabling innovative process and project management. Lay the foundation for repeatable best practice processes and templates. Manage your teams’ responsiveness, KPIs, business rules, ITSM workflows and notifications with Ivanti’s complete and configurable platform.

Flexible features

Rollout an enterprise class, feature-rich, automated service desk platform in record time. Equipped with self-service, mobile support, configurable version controlled workflows, web-based zero coding administration and flexible architecture. ITILv3 compliant, hybrid or simply different from ITIL? Switch features on/off as you please, and there are plenty of templates to choose from for fast implementation. Support your users across a wide range of devices with self-service and voice automation to further reduce the load on your help desk.

Empower decisions

  • Centrally manage IT changes, releases and projects and along with the associated deliverables, approvals, tasks and checklists at each milestone.
  • Calculate real-time financial data relating to specific assets together with software compliance updates.
  • Increase your ITIL and link CIs to incidents, problems, events, changes and users by auto-populating your CMDB.
  • Configure your network topologies in the CMDB to quickly and graphically assess impact of CI’s on the corresponding services they are linked to.
  • Automate your SLA compliance and have a complete audit trail for risk mitigation with Ivanti’s endpoint management and security.
  • Automate your stock management processes with Ivanti supply chain device management solutions.

Engaging IT

  • Real-time, actionable dashboards, across all the applications and processes in your back-office systems.
  • Publish new offerings and services to your service catalogue 75% more quickly with Ivanti Enterprise Service Management.
  • Users can securely submit and track the progression of issues, cases, tickets and incidents, requests for procurement, travel, facilities, access, maintenance, changes, IT services and approvals.
  • With Ivanti’s voice automation solution users can securely reset their own passwords and submit incidents without calling your support team.
  • Use pop-up suggestions during the incident reporting process so users can fix their problems without submitting the incident report.

Securing your Cyberspace

Every device that has remote connectivity features represents a point of vulnerability to your organisation. Your sensitive data is at risk, especially with assets that connect to the internet.

With Ivanti Endpoint Management and Security you gain a powerful, multi-layered protection to automate patch management, prevent malware from running or spreading, and enable remote control and remediation of infected systems. Keep your users empowered by enabling secure access to virtual desktops with minimum performance complications. Ivanti’s quick to implement HTML5 mobile self-service framework means Ivanti can be cloud or on-premise.

Maintain 24x7 real-time access to control and block unauthorised USB devices, detect malware, whitelist applications, encrypt data, and identify download trafficking. Apply user profiles, files, and IT policies across different desktop models, while ensuring endpoints remain protected and performance is optimised.

Ivanti’s got you covered.

What next?

We provide an end-to-end Ivanti implementation. From qualified advice, concept design, delivery, training and ongoing support – we’re here to drive organisational happiness and value and promote enthusiastic user uptake. Chat with us now.


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