While ubiquitous in their depth and breadth of use, the reality is that spreadsheets expose your business to unacceptable levels of risk. They may be a cheap and easy to use, and require minimal expertise, but they leave your business vulnerable to human error, a lack of data integrity, and potential security breaches.

In short, spreadsheets are not a solid foundation for running a fledgling or growing business — let alone an enterprise.

The end of the Excel love affair?

Our eBook addresses the five dangers of depending on spreadsheets (with real-life examples), and the business benefits of walking away from them. We discuss what you can replace them with to experience:

  • Better, more informed decision making — backed by accurate data
  • Confidence in your data — no more stressful human errors! 
  • Improved productivity — with handsfree, fast and up-to-the-minute reporting
  • Supercharged forecasting — using real-time data from across the business
  • Vastly improved data analysis — goodbye to hours of data manipulation 
  • Instants answers — one click drill down into any figure you need to query
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