Student Management System

Student Management

Deliver exceptional experiences. Drive recruitment. Comply and compete.

"In developing Student Management we have focused on keeping pace with the challenges posed to the sector by a rapidly evolving digital era."


Student Management is an integrated solution for every aspect of student engagement - from first enquiry, enrolment, learning and assessments, right through to graduation.

The pressure is on. As well as the need to meet key operational and compliance regulations, educators have to deliver an outstanding student experience, drive recruitment and embrace the digital era.

We've used over 15 years of industry experience and insight to develop Fusion5 Student Management for the New Zealand and Australian markets. And it delivers.  

The power of CRM and a full-featured student management system

Student Management unites student management and CRM systems so you can use your collective organisational data to engage, understand and empower faculties and students. 

Continually updated systems reduce administrative overheads and provide valuable operational insights. Teams can focus on areas that drive student success and help achieve the desired outcomes.

Seamless reporting using shared data means more confident decision-making and improved organisational visibility.

What do you want to do?

Track the student application process?

View applications at every stage of the ‘opportunity’ lifecycle, recognise and acknowledge each student’s milestones.

Manage the production of Offers of Study to your students, flag closeout dates, quote uptakes and status. Increase conversion rates by targeting prospective students through proactive and relevant programmes to revive interest.

Make better decisions?

Ensure organisational success by taking timely actions based on valuable insights gleaned from activity deep within the student lifecycle. Use real-time dashboards to slice and dice information on the fly through using the system’s inbuilt Business Intelligence tools.

Track students' academic progress?

Automatically monitor assessments and pre-requisites in real-time, and view achievements in at-a-glance graphical formats. Provide automated notifications of progress milestones to enhance the student experience and proactively manage any inactivity. Utilise the Business Intelligence tools to further understand analysis and learning trends by a number of dimensions.

Make it easy to communicate across multiple channels?

Deliver a great student experience through multiple engagement options. Provide students, partners, and faculty alike with self-service portals, and run a highly efficient and supportive call centre.

Provide great student service management?

Manage multiple academic, learning and enrolment services. Categorise and assign service requests based on their service request type. Leverage Service Management to tie together call scripts the knowledge bases in your Contact Centre can then use to assist in fast resolution of students’ requests.

Support and comply with the qualifications framework?

Enjoy full support for the AQF and NZNQF so you can confidently design programmes using both accredited and non-accredited training. Utilise the powerful and extensive toolset to manage the vast array of qualification framework requirements and eligibility criteria.

Meet compliance obligations through integration and comprehensive reporting.

Stay in touch with past students?

Stay top-of-mind when the time comes to enhance skills or add new qualifications. Maximise powerful CRM tools to stay in touch and reach out to former students, build and nurture referral networks.

Recruit and market to students?

Increase student numbers by growing existing relationships and engaging with new students. Capture leads from marketing campaigns, qualify the lead into a contact, initiate the application process into a programme or course, and close the opportunity.

Provide your partners, such as international agents, with portal access and the ability to enter and manage leads and opportunities. Develop and execute marketing campaigns to support the 'recruit and nuture' process.

Have strong, configurable financial management?

Configure invoicing and subsidy rules against your programmes with financial and subsidy management.

Automatically calculate fees and generate appropriate invoices. Enable seamless management of the end-to-end financial lifecycle of each student without the need for complex reconciliations by integration with eCommerce and finance management systems.

Bridge the gap between data, insights and action?

Create a smarter member, organisation and staff experience by using the workflow capability. Monitor activities across all your business systems in real-time, so you always respond appropriately.

Find out more?

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