IT Service Management

Define success. Improve processes. Do IT better.

ITSM expedites the time to solve problems, reduces the associated costs, improves employee productivity and satisfaction, and optimises the performance of your IT team

When your business has IT issues are you struggling with the time taken to achieve resolution? Is the delay in resolving your fix and support problems impacting the performance and profitability of your business and people?

Just do IT better

IT Service Management (ITSM) is about doing IT better. It’s about making sure you have the right tools to support and drive the best outcomes. Pronto.

This is where ITIL comes in to play.

The ITIL difference

ITIL (which, way back when, used to be an acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library), is a set of detailed practices for ITSM which are focused on aligning your IT services with the needs of your business. Using ITIL, you can establish best practices to follow, and critically, a baseline to measure your performance going forward. You can basically think of ITIL as the ‘ISO’ of the IT world. The requirements are rigorous, but they keep you on track towards a goal of IT excellence.

ITIL practices can be applied to how you run your incident management, problem/change management, and all the other processes that are part of your IT team’s top-to-bottom responsibilities. For example, ITIL guides you through how to design, operate and maintain a service desk. Or deliver a great service experience via phone, email and employee self-service.

Making ITIL easy

With ITSM tools (packaged applications), you can automate, create and bring all the ITIL disciplines together in one application.

You can do more with less, while ramping up your ability to support your users, who are in turn empowered to be more productive.

So, why talk to Fusion5 about ITSM?

We have over 16 years of working in the ITSM space. During that time we have accumulated significant knowledge and expertise. And we’ve proven our ability to make a measurable difference, time and time again.

Through our strategic partnership with Ivanti, we offer cost effective and flexible ITSM technology that will simplify achieving your business objectives.

How can we help you?

From helping you implement ITIL processes, to providing ITSM tools and setting up employee self-service portals, we can help you do IT better. chat with us now


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