Software Asset Management

Reduce risk. Ensure compliance. Save money and your reputation.

Recovering from data theft and security breaches through unpatched / unmanaged software is a costly exercise. Financially, legally, and in terms of the trust your customers, staff and partners place in you.

How much do you know about your business software? Sure, you probably know exactly what it does, but do you know if you are contractually entitled to use it? And what about the stuff you don’t know about – the handy little (unauthorised) software solutions that your staff have downloaded to use on their company devices?

Hand on heart, would your organisation survive a software audit?

The cost of unsecured software

Off-the-record, unmanaged software is virtually a ‘welcome, come on in’ sign for hackers. In an era where cyber security and GDPR must be constantly front of mind, the last thing you need is to go through a situation where your organisation is compromised.

Some companies never bounce back.

The danger of over-licensing

If you don’t know what software and licenses you have, and who needs and uses what, then it’s easy to oversubscribe.

Buying full licenses per staff member may seem like a simple, blanket approach to ensure your people have what they need to work. But if unused, it’s likely you are spending far more in licenses than needed.

The very strong case for software asset management

Our Ivanti software asset management solution will increase your software utilisation. We can show you exactly who is using what, and what’s never been touched so you can make an informed decision as to whether they need the software at all.

By identifying and eliminating unutilised software your license expenditure will go down.

With new visibility of where software isn’t being used (but should be), you’ll be able to remediate the situation with training and support to drive value and employee productivity.

And if you are audited, we can make sure you come out the other side unscathed. Our fast, responsive reporting will reduce the risk of being found non-compliant.

Why Fusion5?

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Fusion5 has a wealth of experience in protecting our customers’ businesses, driving value, and ensuring compliance. We specialise in managing and countering the potential threats and vulnerabilities that keep you awake at night. 

And we’ve proven our ability to make a measurable difference, time and time again. 

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