Simplifying the complex art of grants

Leveraging the powerful Pivotal CRM platform, Fusion5's Grant Management System is ideal for organisations with complex, or small but high-volume, grant processing requirements.

All aspects of the application, assessment, approval, contract, monitoring and completion processes are brought together into a single, tightly integrated, customer facing and administration hub. You’ll realise significant business efficiencies and enjoy an agile platform which simplifies taking funding programmes to market.

With Grant Management's configurable application and programme funding workflows you can quickly set up and deploy new funding programmes. You’ll support compliance, provide your clients with self-service and contact management, and eliminate manual and paper-based applications and assessment processes. And you’ll do it all without the need for time-consuming and costly development.

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“Creative New Zealand has been able to make significant efficiency gains and cost savings, managing all business functions including different types of grants within a single integrated hub. The online web portal has meant a significant reduction in paperwork, manual processing and time to manage grant applications.”

Angus Evison, Business Services Manager, Creative New Zealand

What do you want to do?

Control and customise your solution to suit your growth?

Become self-sufficient! Your programme managers can design, build, optimise workflows, manage, monitor and report on their individual grants programmes. Add or modify grants programmes at will, while providing a full audit trail of changes. And do it all without IT support.

Track the progress of funding rounds?

You'll have full visibility of the real-time progress of applications, and associated dollar values, from the beginning to the end of every funding round. You'll see all outcomes and have a full audit trail and comprehensive reporting.

Minimise manual processing?

It's all hands-off with a client portal and automated workflows which streamline the submission and processing of applications. And once a client or organisation is registered, they never need to enter their contact details again.

Improve the accuracy of client data?

Reduce instances of incorrect or incomplete data with Grant Management's one-time self-entry system for personal and organisational data. Clients can also review and update their data on demand.

Quantifiable cost and efficiency benefits?

Grant Management is a predominantly hand-offs solution. It shortens the time (and therefore cost) of processing applications. Users have the ability to add and alter programmes at will, without incurring IT costs.

Provide our clients with self-service?

Grant Management's self-service portal allows applicants to make online submissions without duplicating personal details already in the system. They can pause the process mid-application, invite peer review or go over historical entries. 

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