More than just a conventional training and learning management system.

Way more. It’s built to comply!

Fusion5 specifically developed Medical Trainee Management for the Australian market.

Designed to deliver powerful specialist training management

Medical Trainee Management is an integrated training management system for all aspects of specialist medical training functions. It brings your training and learning management and CRM systems together to create a collaborative environment for Providers, Educators, Supervisors and Registrars.

There's a lot to love

To start with, your users will love the self-service web portals, and your entire organisation will benefit from smart business intelligence tools and dashboards. Medical Trainee Management integrates easily with your other solutions too, and it’s fully configurable so you can easily add new programmes. And of course, you can confidently meet all of your key operational goals and compliance regulations.

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“Our people were frustrated with our old systems and the amount of manual processes involved. But now they are really happy, and they take pride in the solution. They see it as a helpful tool, not a hindrance to doing their job. Most of them ask why we didn’t do this years ago!”

Gordon Carr, Information Systems Manager, WAGPET

What do you want to do?

Provide live access to training information?

Enable Practice Administrators, Educators, Supervisors and Registrars to link to your web portal via their own self-service access point for live access to portfolios, feedback, workshops and claims.

Reduce your administrative overheads and improve visibility?

Cut operational costs with automated and integrated systems. Utilise the Business Analytics and dynamic dashboard capability to gain valuable real-time operational and performance insights into registrar learning and training progress.


Let your users access information from any device, anytime and anywhere with an intuitive and easy-to-use web interface.

Support all of your core business functions?

Enjoy a single hub for all of your business information from internal back office functions such as programmes, enrolment, placement, invoicing and claims, through to event, workshop and enquiry management.

Digitise your data?

Reduce your reliance on fallible paper and manual processes and digitise your data with online forms and automated workflows. 

Integrate with your productivity tools?

Maximise the value of familiar productivity tools you are already using, like SharePoint and Microsoft Office, with easy integration.

Find out more?

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