So, where and how can we help you make the right decisions – the ones that will pay off big time?

Getting to grips with cloud economics?

Cloud economics is all about not being surprised when you migrate to the cloud. This means not only understanding your cloud costs but also factoring in the business benefits. It’s an absolute truth that you pay for everything you use in the cloud – every minute, every resource. But, once you’re in the cloud, you can use a wide range of services to generate valuable cloud cost insights – natively and instantly.
We can help you achieve more predictable costs, drive savings through the spot market (if applicable), and identify/rectify where you are over- or under-resourced.

Aiming for cloud maturity?

Cloud maturity is how well you've deployed your workload to take advantage of additional cloud constructs and services, such as the spot market.
First, you need a well-architected landing zone (a set of governance and compliance rules by which you’ll exist in the cloud). Only once you have a mature, codified existence in the cloud can it be easily and predictably manipulated to deliver the flexibility and structure to deploy your workloads.
Need help? We use Terraform by HashiCorp to codify your landing zone so you can leverage constructs and services more quickly and effectively.

Need a cloud migration strategy?

Over the years, many organisations have taken a lift-and-shift approach to moving their legacy workloads to the cloud. However, a consequence of this approach was that they couldn’t take advantage of cloud maturity to reshape or refactor the workload.

Luckily, you can ‘retrofit’ this approach to give you more flexibility in running your workloads in the cloud.
However, if you’re starting your cloud journey, we can estimate your costs using proven mechanisms (it’s not guesswork) and determine the best migration strategy based on your current on-premises software and environment.

This evaluation is generally free; from there, we can right-size your environment and ensure it’s cost-effective. It’s important to note that your cloud environment should be reviewed constantly and optimised – it’s not static – and neither are the costs.

We can help you navigate the complexity, compare clouds for value, determine where and how you can save, and continuously improve your chosen environment.

Where to next with your data?

Storing your data in the cloud just makes sense. It offers many secure and cost-effective storage services that allow you to store all your data in a single location. If investing in AI, it needs a lot of data to train on, so that requirement can drive the right decision.

Cloud allows you to call on other native cloud services to enrich, safeguard, and version your data, prioritising it by age. This is critical when training your AI, as the latest data needs to be at the top of the retrieval.

We can ensure that your data is stored securely and cost-effectively, giving you the maximum opportunity to use it to enhance your decision-making - whether by human or artificial intelligence.

Need advice or help to make your cloud the best it can be? Just ask.

Great outcomes start with great conversations

Great outcomes start with great conversations

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