Fusion5 outsource IT support isn’t just in time – it’s well considered

Acting as a one-stop shop for all your IT needs, we aim to be neither seen nor heard. In fact, around 97% of all our maintenance and support services are conducted off-site so you won’t even notice we are there (although your computers certainly will).Fusion5 IT Maintenance and Support Services are focussed on providing:

  • Extended Help Desk Support hours
  • Engineers available after-hours to run maintenance, means less disruption during business hours
  • A 24/7 managed solution that is end to end
  • Hardware fix and maintenance
  • Device fleet burn-in and team rollout
  • Coordination of third-party licensing and hardware in support of user outcomes
  • Quick response to critical alerts from Microsoft
  • Fusion5 team members on-call for unexpected emergencies
  • Support for remote workers - no matter where they are based
  • Streamlined contact only when and where you need it - we won’t bombard you with endless statistical reporting until there is a reason.

Know how it all works

Having visibility of the process involved and services offered will help you to understand the benefits to your business that comes with having a managed help desk from Fusion5.

Have the right process

First, we will establish a maintenance schedule designed to keep your IT in shape. Pricing is tiered and based on the quantity of servers and devices to be supported. Unlike other providers who charge a fixed cost based on the number of users and/or computers, using automation we achieve economies of scale which can flow them down to you with growth. For very small businesses we will discount the fixed cost for your first server.

Regular maintenance and system restore

Regular preventative maintenance is critical to every business of every size to ensure there is no unintended downtime or failures. To make sure your data is fully protected and software runs as it should, we deploy automated tools on your PCs and Servers that enable us to see problems before they happen, and schedule maintenance and checks throughout the year. We take an all-in approach to systems uptime and won’t settle for cutting corners. As part of our Data Protection and Recovery Service ( Edit to new F5 URL) we can also run full system test restores on a bi-annual (twice a year) basis to make sure all of your information can be fully restored in case of an emergency.

Frequent checking and problem solving

To keep things flowing all your servers and infrastructure is regularly monitored by our technicians. For those who want full visibility a self-service portal that can be operated by your internal IT staff can be arranged on request.

Day-to-day support for your staff

If any of your team encounters an issue while they’re working, they simply log a support call with our Help Desk. Escalated responses will be attended to by senior staff. We employ an operations management platform based on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) guidelines.

We are sure you will be better off

If you think your business could benefit from having a managed help desk – talk to us today. IT staff need support too - Outsource IT support with a managed help desk.

Great outcomes start with great conversations

Great outcomes start with great conversations

Ready to say YES to profitability, happy employees, and great customer experience?

Request a consultation today and let our local experts help you to digitise, optimise and automate your way to success.

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