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When we work with you, we don’t recommend technology for technology's sake. What drives us is delivering outcomes that genuinely improve your business. Our unique experience and advanced understanding of the solutions we offer, together with innovative technology that can be wrapped around them, means we can offer 'fit for you' solutions that amplify solution benefits for your business.

We realise adopting new technology is not just a one-off activity — it requires change management, support and continuous improvement to ensure your digital journey evolves with your business. We're here to partner with you through all aspects of the journey.


“Business growth isn't about luck. It's the outcome of making our customers more successful, championing innovative thinking, and investing in the best people."

REBECCA TOHILL - Founding Member and former CEO

  • Safe pair of hands
    We can tell you how great we are, but nothing beats a 'straight from the horse's mouth' account of a product, a service, and an experience. We shape every project to fit the needs of our customer, then support them through every step of the journey - including after the solution is all up and running. Our customers enjoy having a single point of contact for a range of services, support, and knowledge. The 'safe pair of hands' partnership is important to us. But, enough 'about us, from us'. See what our customers say 'about us' instead.
  • Our leadership
    Fusion5 is proud to be a privately owned organisation where all our Directors are personally invested in the success of the business and our customers. We really believe that having 'skin in the game' makes a difference to our commitment to your success, as well as your perception of what success looks like. For Fusion5's Senior Leadership team, success looks like a business full of people who are customer-success oriented thought-leaders, experts, best-practice implementers, and innovators.
  • Tech partner of choice
    When it comes to technology, there is no such thing as 'one size fits all'. We ensure our customers are offered a choice when it comes to their technology solutions. We also know that no matter what IT solution you need, it's 'who you partner with' that really makes the difference between a project or solution that simply 'works' vs 'delivers the right outcomes'. Our expertise covers all your key functional areas including: applications, consulting, development and managed services, as well as offering a full range of digital solutions and first class support services. Take a look at our solutions to see where Fusion5 could best assist your business.

Making people proud

Being a business people like to work with, and are proud to work for, is important to us.

This means 'it's not all about commerce'. Fusion5 likes to give back.

#makingpotentialreality is not just for our customers and our people, it's about providing support that makes a difference.

Since 2017, Fusion5 has replaced traditional Christmas cards and gifts, with our 'Donate to Charity' campaign, where we give all our customers the opportunity to help us gift $10k to charity across AU & NZ.

The Rhino Revolution initiative has also benefitted from Fusion5's support. We've been following the progress of one particular baby rhino whose mother was killed by poachers. The rescued baby has now grown and after being reintroduced to the wild, this year celebrated the birth of her own calf, continuing the circle of life! We've had a baby!

As part of our employee benefits package, we offer staff a day off to volunteer for something they're passionate about.

We're also sponsoring some very talented young athletes in their quest for representation at the Paris Olympics in 2024. Over the past few years we have supported Finn Butcher (Canoe Slalom and Extreme Slalom) who has won medals at World Cup events in Europe and has progressively climbed the world rankings in both events. We also support Erika Fairweather and Lewis Clareburt (Swimming). Both swimmers competed at the World Swimming Champs in Budapest last year, making several finals, as well as at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games where several finals were swum, and 2 Gold medals achieved by Lewis. We are so proud to be a part of Finn’s, Erika’s and Lewis’s exciting journeys and we wish them all the best as they compete at the highest levels in 2023 and ultimately gain selection for Paris 2024.

Fusion5 Sponsoring 2024 dreams. Lewis Clareburt, Erika Fairweather and Finn Butcher

We've been recognised for our work with our clients by a range of global leading technology providers

Our Awards

Winning awards is great and it gives us a reason to celebrate.

It also gives our customers confidence that we are doing a great job, it strengthens our relationships with our partners, and give us a strong position to get the right total solution for our customers.

Animation of Fusion5's major awards

People to be proud of

We understand that people and culture are vital ingredients for a successful business.

We employ the best available candidates in the market and invest in tomorrow’s leaders. Their commitment and determination to excel is what drives our success.

Are you a Fusion5er?

#makingpotentialreality isn't just a hashtag - it's our mantra! From hiring graduates and taking them from good to great, through to up-skilling and giving our staff opportunities to grow and evolve, Fusion5 is the kind of place that wants motivated, clever, forward-thinking team-players who will take us, and our customers' businesses to the next level.

Fusion5 Employee Benefits

Great career opportunities aren’t the only reason our people love to work for us. At Fusion5 we listen to our employees and we have created a culture based on what our employees value most. Why not have a look at what other benefits you’ll receive when working for Fusion5?

Fusion5 Employee Benefits

Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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