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Service Management and Endpoint Management are the foundation to providing secure, effective, and efficient Enterprise Service Management. Unifying these interdependent functions not only maximises the value of your investments, but creates both a stable and secure IT foundation on which your business can grow and evolve.

Fusion5's Unified IT experts combine deep knowledge with class-leading solutions from ServiceNow, Microsoft, Ivanti, 4me, and MobileIron, to name just a few, to empower IT Managers and their teams in providing the greatest level of value to their business.  While making the job of providing that value simpler, easier to to achieve, and more cost-effective to deliver.

We also provide advisory services on the Cyber Resilience Framework and Australian Cyber Security Centre Controls (Essential 8), as well as solutions for your asset, endpoint, and service management needs, we can help unify your organisation's foundational IT investments for optimal performance, while reducing administrative burden and costs.

Free up resources and increase productivity

Reap cost savings from one aligned tech stack

Boost responsiveness with tech that speaks to each other

Get your days back with machine-learning and virtual assistants

Sleep easy with extra security measures

Get control back with one centralised IT system

We partner with these class-leading solution providers to create an Enterprise Service Management structure that will empower your IT Department

The role of Unified IT in ensuring your IT Department has a foundation for success

Without a Unified IT approach, your IT department is unlikely to improve its responsiveness. It will struggle to yield high customer satisfaction or operate efficiently and effectively consistently. They'll in effect remain a reactive cost centre — fighting fires within your organisation. With a Unified IT approach, they become strategic and innovative and enable the rest of the business to be agile and remain competitive. Without costing the earth.

Our framework brings Enterprise Service Management (ESM) and Endpoint Management (EM) together on the one platform. It wraps real-time machine learning, discovery, natural language search and virtual assistants into a single pane of glass for you.

ESM allows you to onboard as many departments in your organisation as you like onto one easy-to-use and maintain solution. So, all of a sudden, it's not just the IT department that shines.

EM adds contextual security to all your modern devices (Windows and non-Windows), automates patching to meet legislative mandates, and maximises the lifespan of your IT assets. Your workforce stays productive and protected and the cost to the business fully managed.

Secure and modernise your digital workspace - wherever that might be!

Have half a dozen or more inventory 'single sources of truth'?

With our Unified IT approach, there’s no need to rip and replace all your tools or sources of asset data.

We can aggregate your existing data, reconcile it and provide valuable insights into what's already there. Our discovery platform layer becomes your single source of truth, and its machine learning and assistants provide you with useful recommendations. By deploying IoT sensors, you can provide a valuable and secure real-time element to help you manage your assets. And the sensors will proactively pick up problems before users even notice.

Go from reactive to proactive

You can't manage what you can't see — and that applies to both users and assets.

If IT lacks visibility, you're fighting fires. Without a full view of your assets and risks, you can't resolve issues quickly, which negatively affects cost and reliability. Ivanti's comprehensive IT asset management suite caters for all your organisation's audit and compliance needs, and a real-time view of your assets and their health at all times.

Manage and plan your IT budgets better

License Optimiser takes your vendor and contract management to the next level. With in-built 'what-if' analysis tools, you can better plan your IT budgets and datacentre costs. For example, 'what-if' you convert five Oracle enterprise edition databases to SQL Server Standard edition? License Optimiser will compute your savings in milliseconds.

Ivanti Asset Manager helps you manage your asset life cycles and maintain a single source of truth system of record from procurement to disposal. You can track vendor performance and rank them in your system of record to ensure you have all the data you need for contract renewal or re-negotiation time. All defects, SLA information, and logged changes for assets under contract are all in the one place.

“We barely had to tweak anything at all to immediately start getting a return on the investment. The only thing we had to attend to was the way that escalation process was configured. Fusion5 customised this for us which changed the interface slightly on a few different forms enabling us to see the information we wanted.”


Worried you'll make the headlines for the wrong reason?

With Unified Endpoint Management and Security Controls, you gain powerful, multi-layered protection. Automated patch management prevents malware from running or spreading, and with remote control enabled, infected systems are isolated and remediated. These are fundamental capabilities in the modern age of contextual cybersecurity in a work-from-anywhere model.

“Ivanti exposed us to technologies we hadn’t been aware of, so we took the opportunity to improve our process even further. It generated very real business benefits for us..."


Make auditing hardware and software a breeze

With Ivanti Cloud and its range of connectors, you can see all devices and the software running on them. You can see when your software was last used and for how long.

Machine learning and smart advisors help you identify reclamation opportunities, software upgrades and warranty expires. You can see your entire fleet of assets in real-time, and ask questions in everyday English about health, security and inventory. The era of waiting days for data to synchronise or reports compiled just so you can make informed decisions are over!

Thinking of outsourcing your desktop or modern workplace support?

Great news! The tools and technology needed to support users have been transformed.

Now, you can support your users by yourself. Automation, machine learning and virtual assistants ensure your employees and users get a premium in-house service that you control. Unified IT simplifies technology and uncomplicates the traditional methods that have been in circulation for decades. And you need fewer ICT support staff.

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