Data Security is a complex matrix of challenges and issues

Fusion5 is data security provider with a service designed to monitor and protect you. Our data security is a multi-tiered service which combines best-practice, policies, processes and the most up to date technologies to defend you against unauthorised access, attackers and hackers, malware, denial of service, system failure, and deliberate or accidental loss.

Our focus:








Legacy tools developed for on-premises use which are either incompatible or not robust enough for the cloud environment, creating holes which can expose you.

Data and privacy vulnerability in multi-tenant environments.

Onboarding and managing user access and privileges.

Capability to audit and monitor users.

Misconfigured code or errors which proliferate undetected, resulting in the potential for immense damage.

Fast-paced DevOps, (particularly open-source) with inadequate controls which can be open to data theft, disruption to your entire network, or worse, can gain control of your IT infrastructure.

Insider threats caused by users sharing credentials or inadvertently creating a security hole.

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The three main cloud configurations, public, private and hybrid each pose different security challenges, and require a tailored strategy. So, the first item on the agenda is a detailed assessment of your current set-up, a series of recommendations to plug the gaps, and more importantly, a governance framework to stay on top of the ever-evolving digital landscape.


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Our free service provides SMEs with a snapshot of their current security measures and maturity levels according to the ASD controls.

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The Fusion5 data protection services are comprehensive

Fusion5 has a tradition of being at the leading edge of technology, we are committing significant resources to continue development of our Security expertise to assist our customers in ensuring the security and safety of their environments and data.

  • Vulnerability detection
  • Network segmentation
  • Identity and access management
  • Onboarding cloud assets
  • Password control and authentication systems
  • Patching and maintenance
  • Alerts and reporting
  • Continual monitoring
  • Disaster recovery

Security breaches and privacy fines are not what you want to be known for

Partner with Fusion5 and we can help you to identify gaps in your processes and systems. Our focused approach to end user security will:

  • Help you avoid security breaches, privacy breaches and cybercrime
  • Provide you with a competitive advantage: Customer loyalty: Win the loyalty of digital consumers with strong privacy and security of their data.
  • Faster to market: Retrofitting privacy and security slows a new product’s release cycle.
  • Improved partnerships and tender responses: Large companies, both local and global, are increasingly requiring their suppliers to be privacy compliant.
  • Future-proof your business resulting in reduced cost: Privacy and security by design is cheaper in the long run.
  • Reduced risk: Because privacy and security is embedded into your products.
Great outcomes start with great conversations

Great outcomes start with great conversations

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