Manage your endpoints with purpose

Keeping track of multiple sources of truth can be time-consuming, not to mention costly. With Unified Endpoint Management, you can kick your feet up and relax while your tech works harder for you.

Our discovery platform layer becomes your single source of truth, and its machine learning and assistants provide you with useful recommendations to save you time and brainpower.

Reduce the headache of login performance

Be on top of legislation with automated patching

Maximise team productivity with streamlined & simplified connectivity

Let us take care of security (so you don’t have to)

Get flagged about problems in real-time

Have the data you need at your fingertips to make those big decisions

Our Device and Endpoint Management Service will save you money and increase your teams productivity

Outsourced managed IT services including device and all endpoint management enables your team to work from anywhere with secure access on either the organisations or personal devices having confidence in their End-User Security.

With an increasingly mobile workforce, how do you provide users with anytime, anywhere access on multiple devices in a productive, easy to use way. And how do you do that while protecting corporate data.

Easy to use for staff and admins alike, our Device Management service offers a productive, flexible and secure device experience. It integrates a device and App management platform with popular tools like Microsoft 365 and Azure AD to protect your organisation’s data. It supports managed and personal Android, iOS and Windows 10 devices while ensuring corporate data is protected from unauthorised access.

We partner with these class-leading technology providers to deliver Endpoint Management solutions that work for your business

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Endpoint management: A single platform to rule them all

What are endpoints? Simply, they are any company-issued assets (think laptops, smart tablets and phones) that have an operating system and can connect to the internet.

Basically, if a device can connect to the internet, it can be hacked and must be protected and managed tightly.

There are many platform-centric tools and technologies in the endpoint space. However, Fusion5 has adopted a unified approach to simplify how we manage all of your solution platforms and operating systems. This approach consolidates the tools needed, saves you money and minimises complexity, so you can be more agile and responsive.

With our range of Unified Endpoint Management solutions, we can manage any make or model of device or operating system for our customers from a central console. This enables us to implement predictive event management processes to ensure you achieve maximum protection and tight governance.

This capability is the cornerstone for our IT asset management services and security framework.

Our capabilities in this space include:

  • Agentless patch management
  • Agent based patch management
  • Mobile device management
  • Windows and Non-windows device management
  • Remote Control / Isolation
  • Software Asset Management
  • Software License Usage
  • Agentless Discovery
  • Software Distribution
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Imaging
  • Device Warranty Management
Great outcomes start with great conversations

Great outcomes start with great conversations

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