You may not have a crystal ball, but you have NetSuite to help accelerate your future growth

You can’t fix what you can’t see, which is why you need a business management solution which will empower you to make business decisions with absolute confidence. 

With NetSuite, you get this along with real-time visibility, reliable data and up-to-date information across every facet of your operations, so you never have to hesitate in making those difficult business decisions for your future. 

As a business owner you really don't have the time, energy or money to waste on being distracted by the unnecessary or the outdated. You also don't want to be constantly upgrading your technology just because it can't adapt to your growing business.

So while we may not be able to give you a crystal ball, we would like to offer you one better — think of NetSuite as your stand-in fortune teller!

Make decisions like a pro

Don't let your data eat you alive

Don't get caught up in manual processes

Speed up your financial close

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No two businesses are the same

As an organisation, your primary challenge is being able to identify what works best for you and your customers.

Because no two industries are the same, shouldn't your ERP be able to flex and adapt to your changing needs without you having to change to it? Now you can enjoy one unified business management solution, capable of wearing all the hats needed to make your business run so smoothly that you will wonder how you ever lived without it! Read more on your specific industry below.

Fusion5 is proud to be the largest 5-Star NetSuite Partner in Australia

  • 15 years experience of delivering NetSuite solutions to businesses of all sizes.
  • Over 500 satisfied customers in Wholesale and Distribution, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Health & Beauty, Agribusiness, Retail, Not-for-Profit and more.
  • 5 Star partner of excellence, the highest accreditation tier for NetSuite partners.
  • NetSuite’s 3rd Most Significant Global Partner.
  • We actively participate in the NetSuite Advisory Council, ensuring continuous customer experience and services improvements.
prawns being packed prawns being packed
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"Now we’ve got the capacity to look at value-added tasks like producing more in-depth analysis around what product gets sold to whom, and evaluating our pricing and how effective our advertising campaigns are."

Scott Razga | Project Manager, Sea Harvest
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“NetSuite stood out from the rest. Some of the other solutions we considered could potentially run out of steam after just 3-4 years, but we could see that NetSuite would support TIL’s growth for at least 5-10 years...”

Russell Bailey | Project Manager & Business Analyst, Trilogy International
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“While our transaction volume has gone up around 500 percent, our staff levels are basically the same. If we hadn't moved to NetSuite, we would have needed to bring on board at least another couple of people. We also made some real gains in processing time."

Paul Mckenzie | Financial Controller, Cropmark
Hand resting on a laptop. Screen showing code. Hand resting on a laptop. Screen showing code.
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With the old systems we had very limited visibility. Now, we can see exactly where we’re making money, and where we’re underperforming. Before NetSuite, we had no remote access at all. Now when I’m travelling I check in on my mobile to keep an eye on how things are ticking over. From that perspective, it’s great!”

Hercules Tsoutsas | Managing Director, Jaggards
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“NetSuite has been fantastic. It’s completely changed the way that we get information out, and has made it easy for us to keep growing.”

Lance Bellew | CFO, Wholesale Seeds

NetSuite Bank Feed Integration

Dreaming of a seamless integration from NetSuite to your bank? Our Bank Feed integration removes the pain and the risk while streamlining the process for your team.

Zero to cloud in 100 days

Speed up the NetSuite implementation process with our tried and true methodology. With SuiteSucess you're guaranteed to succeed in your business goals and ensure user uptake is at an all-time high.


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