Does your business need accurate, timely timesheets? Do your staff work better when they can visual their day in blocks or a calendar view, rather than a list of jobs with time estimates attached?

Introducing Timesheet UI by Fusion5

Timesheet UI is the ultimate visual timesheet SuiteApp that simplifies time tracking like never before. With its unique calendar view approach, effortlessly record and manage your work hours, tasks, and projects. Stay on top of your schedule, streamline your workflow, and optimise your productivity.

Timesheet UI unique features

This timesheet enhancement provides your team with a new visual way to interact with their timesheets to ensure accurate and speedy data entry. It will help you:

  • Visualise time in a calendar-like view
  • Drag & Drop and Copy /Paste blocks of time across the day
  • Colour code your entries to provide quick reference on status
  • Standardise your time increments (e.g., 15 minutes) across the business

A smart visual interface for timesheet entry and organisation

Built for NetSuite

NetSuite Timesheet UI is a native SuiteApp, which means it has been built on the SuiteCloud developer platform. Native SuiteApps are developed entirely using NetSuite's development platform and can be installed as a bundle directly into your NetSuite environment. Timesheet UI is just one of many enhancements the Fusion5 NetSuite team have built for our customers.

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