Simplified technology for your connected consumers. The rest we leave to you!

Go more than skin deep with your customers, with technology you can trust.

If you’re still relying on a glued together mess of systems, papers and spreadsheets, then chances are you’re spending more time wrestling with your technology than you are getting in deep with your consumers.

The reality is that your connected consumers are using their phones to read reviews, compare prices and purchase products and services from almost any and every corner of the world. So, ask yourself if your technology is helping or hindering your connected consumers. 


Application sprawl be gone

With application sprawl your customer data lives in multiple systems which can make relationship building and connections really challenging. NetSuite enables you to capture and build a relationship with the type of customers you want so you can provide a world-class customer experience.

Become a world class brand

With a technology platform that allows you to focus, the opportunity for you is to go deeper in all these areas without the distraction of application sprawl. The opportunity is for you to build a brand that becomes a partner with your customers on their journey to long-term, sustainable health, beauty and wellness.

Innovation matters

Yours is a business of customer experience which goes hand in hand with innovative product development. NetSuite gives you a clear view of inventory and product control so you can focus on what matters most - future growth ideas.

The freedom of the Cloud

With the agility of a Cloud system like NetSuite, you can start working alongside your current systems, absorbing, integrating and providing live reporting using your current business data, until you are ready to move to the power of a single platform.

An ERP solution so beautiful, it will leave you wrinkle-free

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Wrinkle-free ERP solution

“NetSuite stood out from the rest. Some of the other solutions we considered could potentially run out of steam after just 3-4 years, but we could see that NetSuite would support TIL’s growth for at least 5-10 years...”

Russell Bailey, Project Manager & Business Analyst

Trilogy International

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Our Navigating Change Checklist will highlight whether or not your current ERP is cutting the mustard - or if you need an ERP system at all! You're just a click away on how you could transform your Health and Beauty business.

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Fusion5 is proud to be the largest 5-Star NetSuite Partner in Australia. 

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