Maximise productivity with Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is Microsoft's answer to ERP for larger and complex businesses.

With embedded analytics and financial intelligence, it's designed to not only monitor your financial performance in real-time, but also automate your financial operations, knock the ball out of the park with accurate forecasting, and help you make better decisions using up-to-the-minute strategic insights and reporting that drive quantifiable business growth.

For those needing a little more, the complementary applications of Supply Chain Management, Commerce, and Human Resources can be added to form a fully integrated technology stack that will form a solid foundation from which your organisation to grow.

With Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations your productivity, efficiency, and profits will thrive.

Make smarter (AI-enabled) financial decisions with real-time reporting capabilities and cleverly embedded analytics

Say goodbye to unnecessary complexity and risks posed by multiple entities, currencies, and locations

Take an intelligent approach to increasing your profits and improve cashflow with machine learning

Keep up in confidence with local and global compliance with no-code configurable tax, e-invoicing and more

Take advantage of subscription-based financials to control the cost of doing business

Automate everything, so you can take a strategic – not manual – approach to managing money

These clever businesses have achieved more by partnering with Fusion5

M-KOPA uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations to rapidly deploy solar power

UmbraGroup optimises worldwide organisation for customer service by moving ERP to the cloud

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Why choose Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (ERP) for your business?

  • Reduced costs
    While it may seem a time (and cost) consuming exercise, migrating from your current AX version of Dynamics will in fact save you more than you invest in the long run. The functionality within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (ERP) helps your organisation identify, clean and remove any redundant resources – thus minimising running costs and human capital expenditure.
  • Predictive AI capabilities
    Making the most of Cortana and Azure machine learning capabilities, Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (ERP) leverages state-of-the-art algorithms that transform simple statistics into powerful tools that let users anticipate opportunities and identify hidden trends.
  • Easy integration
    Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (ERP) offers a simple integration process with most enterprise applications and gives you the ability to customise modules and components of your business and productivity software (CRM, BI etc.) This means you can not only save on customisation costs, but spend less on getting staff up to speed with new software.
  • Data privacy
    With built in disaster recovery and 24 hour technical support, Microsoft Azure provides your organisation with the highest levels of cyber security at no extra cost.
  • Apps that talk to one another
    Being cloud based, the most recent version of Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (ERP) is optimised for multiple devices, mobile apps and platforms. This means you are no longer facing the instalment and customisation issues you may have dealt with in the past.
  • Take it to the cloud
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (ERP) is hosted on Microsoft servers, which means you no longer need to maintain your own servers and hardware on premise.
  • Stay up to date without the headache
    Automatic updates every 3 months for the platform, and every 6 months for the application means you will always be using the latest technology minus the need for ongoing heavy implementations.
  • User interface built for the user
    The new user interface provides a clear, user friendly and intuitive way for your organisation to interact with the application. With the personalised activity based workspace, users have the ability to manage assets and processes in real-time. The platform is available in most languages, which makes it perfect for international organisations.
  • Analytics for your business
    The standard built-in analytics tool powered by Microsoft Power BI makes your analysis and reporting easier to produce and provides you with real-time visibility across your organisation. It is fully customisable, user friendly and will give you the results you need.

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Maximise financial visibility and profitability with Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Drive strategic financial decisions with AI

Artificial Intelligence never looked so good. Make better decisions, be more responsive, and act with confidence knowing that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations has got your back.

  • Close books faster and simplify global financial management with in-depth reporting capabilities, financial intelligence, and embedded real-time analytics.
  • Activate flexible and agile financial reporting that supports multiple legal entities and currencies in a single instance that natively handles foreign exchange and shortens the end-of-month process.
  • Increase profits and improve cashflow with machine learning predictive recommendations and proactive guidance for timely customer payments.

Decrease global financial complexity and risk

When local and global governments say jump, you can say ‘how high?’ without a moment’s panic.   

  • Easily adjust to changing global financial requirements using a flexible, guided, rules-based chart of accounts and dimensions.
  • Manage frequently changing regulatory requirements with no-code configurable tax, e-invoicing, payment, and reporting formats.
  • Meet local and global business requirements, improve governance, reduce risks, and ensure compliance across 37 countries and 42 languages out-of-the-box. Further extend Finance with prebuilt partner solutions to meet your local needs.

Unify and automate your financial processes

With everything you need in one place, financial management just got easier, and your team more productive and responsive.

  • Get more done with role-based workspaces, native Office 365 integration, and predictive insights that let you automate and prioritise fiscal tasks.
  • Customise documents such as invoices and statements to adapt to changing business requirements with Office 365 templates.
  • Thrive in a subscription-based economy with automated recurring billing to quickly adapt to new revenue recognition standards, reduce audit costs, and accurately calculate and report your financial statements.

Reduce operational expenses

Do more with less. Empower your finance team to manage business growth and change without adding resources or further overheads.

  • Run your business more efficiently across business geographies with financial process automation, encumbrance, budget control, and financial planning and analysis.
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Microsoft Copilot for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

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We think Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is worth its weight in gold, but don’t just take our word for it.

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Why partner with Fusion5 for your next Microsoft project?

Fusion5 has a proven track record of delivering Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions that offer the ability to personalise your approach to enterprise resource planning with business apps that are built on Azure and tightly integrated with Office 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform.

As a member of the Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle, we are recognised as being an expert and trusted pair of hands for your implementation. In addition, Fusion5 offers advance access to product updates, licensing changes, and the ability to take our customers’ feedback to the source of Microsoft innovation, to help bring solutions that really make a difference to our clients.

With the wide range of Microsoft Awards Fusion5 holds recognising our unrelenting commitment to delivering great outcomes for our customers, you can feel confident that your business' Microsoft project is in safe hands.

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