Exec Leaders & Business Owners

Make better and faster business decisions with reporting that will be the envy of others in the financial services industry.

Introducing innovative services and products is critical to client retention and growth. But how do you empower your people to make timely strategic recommendations, backed by trusted real-time and historical data? And do the daily cyber security headlines underscore your anxiety about the safety of your client data?

Make more informed decisions, faster

Say goodbye to multiple and disparate data sources, and time-intensive, inaccurate reporting that's out-of-date by the time it's complete. With automated analysis and reporting tools built right into your CRM, everything you need to know is at hand within minutes, not days or weeks.

Adopt an attitude of invulnerability

Data breaches can not only expose your clients' private information, but attract crippling legal penalties, and destroy your hard-won reputation. Our CRM solutions are built with security at their core and are continually patched and updated.

Amplify the value of your brand

It's easy to say you invest in a client-first approach, but if your market share is decreasing, then perhaps you're not? With a CRM solution designed to put your clients front and centre, you can form deep, meaningful, and lasting client relationships.

Multiply the impact of your technology stack

When your technology doesn't talk or share data, it's more of a hindrance than a help. We integrate our CRM solutions to drive more value from your existing applications and create more efficiencies and productivity.

Department and Functional Area Leaders

Give your team and business the tools you trust to perform consistently, work as – and where - expected, and deliver results you value.

With the right tools, you can empower and delight business decision-makers and stakeholders, help the business engage more deeply with its clients, resolve queries more quickly, and streamline every interaction and transaction across multiple channels, whether it's from your contact centre or on the road.

Don't be a stick in the mud; go mobile!

Your people need to be where your clients are. They need to front up with the information required to deliver a personalised experience and follow up with a rapid application process – without ducking back to the office. Our CRM solutions are all fully mobile, and always on.

Know every client by name

With your contact centre software integrated with one of our CRM solutions, every call can be tailored to reflect the history of the caller, and every conversation captured. Other actions which arise can be scheduled through automated workflows, so nothing slips through the net.

Making reporting just BAU, not a challenge

Reporting is non-negotiable. But with a CRM solution from Fusion5, reporting is easier and much, much faster. Built-in automated analysis and reporting tools, and real-time personalised dashboards, keep everything you need to know and report on at your fingertips.

Help everyone, yes everyone, to capture opportunities

A strong pipeline equals growth – and leads come from many places throughout the business. Our CRM solutions ensure that your team's effort to capture leads pays off with the ability to set up automated nurture campaigns to improve capture and conversion rates.

Technical Managers and Users

Equip your business with fit-for-purpose CRM technology that complements your existing applications, and empowers your team and users.

Do more, more easily. With cloud, security, and mobility front of mind, you need a CRM solution that is intuitive to use, improves productivity, and is available 24/7 – without endangering your data. And at the same time, can integrate with other valuable line-of-business applications.  

Take an office anywhere approach

When you equip your team with a cloud-based CRM, they can access in real-time from any internet-enabled device. The pace of business gets faster, the customer experience better, and operations smoother. Geographically dispersed workers are suddenly closer to the business and your clients.

Support the business's cloud-first strategy

With one of our CRM for financial services solutions, your users can manage client relationships from anywhere. From sales, marketing, support, application processing to approvals. And with integration to cloud storage, contracts and agreements can be securely filed, retrieved, and shared on-demand.

Reduce the angle of the onboarding ramp!

We use industry-leading CRM solutions designed to reduce the learning curve of new recruits, so they're productive and profitable more quickly. And with paperwork eliminated from their daily tasks, so are the errors and inefficiencies (and knock-on costs) that come with manual data entry.

Oh yes, you can make your IT budget go further

Not only will one of our CRM solutions add value to legacy applications, but you'll win brownie points from the finance department as you move from a Capex to an Opex model, and enjoy the flexibility to scale as needed - effortlessly.

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