Fusion5 infrastructure maintenance - next level hosting

The Fusion5 approach for managing your infrastructure is to:

  • Monitor performance
  • Maintain configuration currency
  • Protect your platform
  • Fix any issues identified
  • Advise on platform optimisation

Performance monitoring

Our tools monitor the health of your infrastructure 24×7. Key performance thresholds, alerts and logs on your infrastructure are monitored against best practice. Constant monitoring and fine-tuning of your IT infrastructure can help you take advantage of the products you’ve invested in, and make sure there are no unexpected problems. When an issue is detected, or a predefined threshold is exceeded, an alarm is immediately and automatically generated to notify the qualified team at Fusion5

We typically monitor the following areas to best practice, or tailor to match your business requirements:

  • Disk drive capacity
  • Processor performance
  • Memory utilisation
  • Network performance
  • System response

We can manage the following technology:

1. Microsoft

  • Virtual servers
  • Complete Cloud domains (servers, storage, network, access groups)
  • Physical servers
  • Backup and replication systems
  • Networking (ExpressRoute and Virtual WAN) 
  • Virtual Desktop

2. Other

  • Firewalls
  • Switches and routers
  • Data Centre rack and switching


Regular and proactive system maintenance optimises the performance of your IT infrastructure investment, minimises disruptions, and ensures future availability. Our Service Desk maximises the availability and performance of your computer systems by conducting regular system maintenance on the critical components of your infrastructure. The maintenance program is tailored to your business with a systems engineer regularly checking your infrastructure’s health and currency. To ensure optimal performance we recommend your infrastructure currency be maintained to at least ‘N-1’.

Why Fusion5

On a regular basis our team will review the health of your infrastructure, your infrastructure estate’s currency, platform suitability to future business needs and optimisation for performance vs. cost.

You win because:

  • Your systems are under constant surveillance and proactively maintained.
  • Problems are averted as they are identified and before they cause interruption.
  • A personalised service offers you access to your own dedicated team members.
  • You have a 24/7 managed solution.
  • You have quick response to critical alerts.
  • You get an on-call engineer for unexpected emergencies.
  • Your data integrity is improved and
  • You gain support from a highly certified team.
Great outcomes start with great conversations

Great outcomes start with great conversations

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