Let a CRM take care of you, so you can take care of your clients

If you spend all your time focusing on your clients, who’s going to focus on making those important business decisions? Gain that competitive edge and transform the way you do business with a CRM solution tailored to financial services.

Efficiently and effectively manage workload, stay on the cusp of all your clients’ needs and track real-time results with an effective CRM that’s forever up to date. Now that’s next-level customer service!

Speed up your lead nurturing (without the extra effort)

Your pipeline is your bread and butter. Once a new lead enters your system, the clock starts ticking on showing them value and how you can better their finances. Leave no lead uncovered with a CRM to help remind you when to make contact, follow up and collaborate with others to close a sale.

Provide your customers with that personal touch

Your clients expect you to keep tabs on their goals, finances and future growth opportunities. With a seamless CRM, you’ll be able to store all client info in one easy to access place so you (or your colleagues) can provide your clients with that personal touch anywhere, anytime.

Find your single source of truth

If you’ve got multiple sources or data stored in spreadsheets or across multiple systems, it can be frustrating to know what you can trust. Not to mention, human error could derail your reporting and at any stage! The beauty of one system for all touchpoints, means a single source of truth for your data so you can make those important business decisions in a flash.

Free up your time with automated reporting

Even in the financial industry, reporting can be a slog! With automated analysis & reporting tools built right into your CRM, you can free up your time to focus on new clients or building those all-important relationships.

Stress less about security

With the most sensitive client and company data at your fingertips, you need to know it’s safe at all times! We take security seriously, so you don’t have to. All the CRM software we work with was built with security at the core and with regular patching, you’re in safe hands without any extra effort.

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With Microsoft Dynamics 365, your CRM solution is as customisable as you need it to be and flexible enough to suit all your business requirements. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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