Ready to revolutionise your agribusiness?

Explore how ERP can work for you!

Stop working 'til the cows come home

Everyone wants to spend time in their business doing what they love — not being bogged down by business operations. Optimise your day-to-day processes, efficiently coordinate your supply chain, effectively manage equipment and nail the trifecta of right-staff-right-place-right-time with an agribusiness tailored ERP solution, and the support of our industry-experienced team.

Utilising both NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics 365, we have developed and delivered agribusiness specific ERP solutions that have helped reduce complexity and risk, increase efficiency and profit, and enabled greater productivity and control, without adding resourcing costs.

Manage your whole production process with ease

Whether you need to coordinate crops, employees, seasons or business partners, an ERP solution can do it all. Breathe a sigh of relief as you realise functional efficiencies, and spend your valuable time focusing on what’s next for your business.

Pinpoint new process efficiencies

With newfound visibility of every stage of your product lifecycle, you can level up and easily identify new process efficiencies – not to mention any cost savers too!

Meet customer demands like never before!

Customers or business partners are at the heart of what you do. Whether it’s enhancing supply & demand or taking your profitability to new heights, an ERP solution can help you identify and evolve at every step of the way.

Make regulation a breeze

Don’t lose precious days bogged down in all the regulations you need to keep up with! Instead of doing all the hard yakka yourself, embrace an ERP system and automation to do the legwork for you.

Take the headache out of track & trace

With stricter regulations and higher customer demands, the ability to track & trace the lifecycle of products or ingredients is compulsory. But don’t get lost in manual processes! An integrated ERP solution can automate your whole supply chain for instantaneous tracking when you need it.

Cloud-based is your new best friend

Whether you're on the farm, on the road or in the office, you need up to date info at your fingertips! With a cloud-based ERP solution, you can log in from any device, anytime, anywhere and trust the data you can see. Now that’s handy!

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Agribusiness excellence

Success stories from the Agribusiness sector

Wondering how a fit for purpose business solution could turn your potential into reality? We've compiled a range of success stories and case studies from businesses like yours, demonstrating how they've taken a leap forward with Fusion5 and the right technologies for agribusiness.

Case studies

How can we help YOU specifically?

Our experience in helping the agribusiness industry has taught us that not everyone in an organisation has the same concerns, or 'niggles' they want to address. So how can we help you in particular?

Exec leaders and business owners

Grow your revenue, reduce your risk, take control of your environment.

Put the right information in the hands of the right people, in a format they can quickly, easily and meaningfully access and understand. Now they can make the right decisions to gain a competitive advantage, and tighten up the key metrics that you judge success by the end of each quarter.

Step out from the shadows of the past

Make better decisions

Take control of the pace of change

Easily see cost-reduction, or revenue growth opportunities

Reduce the risk of a failed project investment

Build agility in for greater resilience in turbulent environments

Department or functional area leaders

Give your team, and business, tools you trust to perform consistently, work as expected and deliver results you value.

With the right tools, you can empower and delight business decision-makers, and create a cohesive working environment that is easier, lower-cost, with greater up-time and less disruption.

Resolve legacy system issues without disrupting critical operations

Smash security & compliance requirements

Be proud of the digital experience you provide your customers

Drive profit through innovative technologies

Improve employee engagement for better productivity

Spend less time explaining, and more time 'doing'!

Technical managers and super users

Equip your business with fit-for-purpose technology that complements your existing applications, and empowers your team and users.

With the right tools, you can empower and delight business decision-makers, and create a cohesive working environment that is easier, lower-cost, with greater up-time and less disruption.

Total integration - no loose ends

Smash security & compliance requirements

Simple to use, simple to maintain

Data management support

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