MyWorkplace is your complete workforce management solution

Improve the way you do business. MyWorkplace's mission-critical technology streamlines workforce management processes and reduces cost.

Be proactive, become more profitable

MyWorkplace provides the technology to streamline your workforce management processes and reduce costs. As a point-to-point solution, MyWorkplace comes complete with expert advice, software, hardware and implementation, training and support. With MyWorkplace you can automate processes including personnel administration, planning, scheduling, time and attendance management, labour costing, access control, rostering, and workforce reporting. You’ll have up-to-the-minute access and accurate information on employee activities throughout their working day. 

A solution you can count on

MyWorkplace provides guaranteed award and rules compliance, and significant productivity gains. It is easy to use, risk-free and offers a rapid return on investment. Our service is prompt and personalised, and MyWorkplace is simple to modify to match your business processes – so you don’t have to change how you work. And most importantly, MyWorkplace enables proactive rather than reactive management so you can achieve a more profitable outcome.

Be proactive. Streamline processes. Improve outcomes.

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“I’m really happy with it. It gets the job done, and it’s simpler than other solutions I’ve used. The service is far above anything I’ve experienced before, and the MyWorkplace team is very responsive to our needs.”


What do you want to do?

Have all the functionality you need in one system?

You've got it; time and attendance, labour costing, rostering and data capture are all included.

Monitor and record time by job, cost centre or activity?

Job done. MyWorkplace has been developed to do this for you.

Pinpoint production areas for improvement?

Enjoy comprehensive reporting that clearly shows where you can improve performance and operations, increase efficiency and control costs.

Make sure the right people are rostered for the right job?

Retain data on the skills of the employee as well as their preferences, so your staff skills are fully utilised.

Optimise your labour costing and recording capabilities?

Create a blueprint of your operations, identifying workstations involved in the supply of your services and/or the manufacture of your products.

Capture the capabilities and capacity of your business operations and use them to assist in the development of work rosters and employee skill requirements.

Be supported locally?

We understand exactly how important your solution is to you, and that's why we are committed to providing local support. Our Customer Success Team and payroll services are based in Australia and New Zealand, so we're on call when you need us. 

Move to the cloud?

MyWorkplace can be delivered by Cloud5 – Fusion5’s Infrastructure as a Service solution. Cloud5 offers hassle-free, flexible and cost-effective hosting.

Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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