How BlackLine can help automate your entire financial close process

At the end of every financial period, your team is forced to reconcile transactions (trigger warning...) manually.

Like our cave-dwelling ancestors, they bash their rudimentary tools together to make sense of the madness, trying to find any rocks that don't quite fit.

This is called the "financial close process", a cruel and unnecessary tradition in which employees toil away for hours, days, or even weeks.

But there's hope! BlackLine can help automate the entire financial close process, making their lives easier and giving them more time to do things they actually enjoy (like banging rocks together outside of work).

Automatically match millions of transactions in minutes

Let your staff focus on stimulating and important work, not manual matching

Shine a light on the issues that actually matter

Trust the data — no more human-error

87% less staff sneer and scorn*

*Totally made up statistic that is probably true. Seriously, your staff will be way happier.

Reveal what actually needs attention in financial close processes

The curvature of your teams' hunched-over spines is directly correlated to the amount of time they are wasting by analysing transactions line by line/column by column for variations.

Manual matching is time-consuming and error-prone, often leading to missed discrepancies — as good as your team is, they are only human after all.

The new way is to let BlackLine pull your data in and do its magic automatically.

BlackLine's Transaction Matching technology is managed via configurable logic rules so exceptions are recognised so fast your team won't stop gabbing about it. A role-based workflow process ensures that issues are addressed even more swiftly, leading to the driest, most enthusiastic water-cooler talk you've ever heard.


  • Mockup of Wasting the days of our lives eBook.
    Transaction matching
    This eBook will show you ten different ways you can use automated transaction matching to gain back time, and remove the frustration and mental scarring your employees currently feel having to do this mundane task manually.
    Download eBook
  • Mockup of The monster under the bed eBook.
    The monster under the bed
    Lurking in the mess caused by intercompany accounting, is the threat of having to issue a restatement - eroding credibility with stakeholders, leading to higher audit fees, and even possible legal entanglements. Want to slay that monster?
    Download eBook
  • Mockup of The seven ways to increase trust eBook.
    Seven ways to increase trust
    With 69% of finance professionals believing that their CEO or CFO have made significant business decisions based on out-of-date or incorrect financial data, it's time to dig into how you can increase trust in your numbers, and your decision-making.
    Download eBook

So, how much time will you save exactly?

Blue Cross Blue Shield went from spending 30-person days to 3-person days — a 90% reduction in time. Zendesk once needed more than a week to match their transactions — with BlackLine the entire process now takes just six minutes.

If you had that extra 2,394 minutes, your team could watch all the Star Wars movies 1.58 times, play 199.5 games of foosball, or you know, focus on the work that really needs attention. Get in touch with us to find out how. 

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