So — you’ve done your homework and it’s an ERP choice between NetSuite and MYOB Advanced.

They’re both well known ERP systems for small and midsize businesses

They’re both cloud based. And they’re aimed at businesses that have reached the limits of their small business accounting software or outgrown a home-grown ERP system.

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But which is the right choice for you?

On the surface they seem really similar…

But when you dig a little deeper – there are important differences that will impact the way you do business everyday.

That’s why you need to read this carefully crafted comparison

Get the lowdown on how NetSuite and MYOB Advanced are different

This white paper explains:

  • What you must know before you implement either solution
  • The crucial differences once you get beneath the surface of each
  • Which one is better suited to your sector and whether industry-specific versions are available
  • The level of customisation you’ll need to do to get the level of reporting & insight that you need
  • Features of NetSuite and MYOB Advanced that can have a real impact on total cost of ownership
  • Essential functionality you might need for e-commerce, manufacturing or professional services


  • Why both NetSuite and MYOB Advanced feature in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant
  • The things you need to discuss in detail with your CFO or Finance Director that could impact your final choice
  • The things that are easy to overlook yet could have a serious impact on the way you operate daily
  • The importance of ‘Leading Practices’ and how your ERP system can accelerate growth and change in your organisation
  • The level of customer support you can expect from NetSuite and MYOB
  • The value that the right implementation partner can bring

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Get the lowdown on how NetSuite and MYOB Advanced are different

Choosing a new ERP solution for your business can feel overwhelming and confusing. View our free comprehensive, easy to read White paper.

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