What is ITSM?

ITSM (IT Service Management) is the act of designing, creating, implementing, managing, and delivering IT Services (eg desktop and application support, identity and security access requests, device/mobile management, and onboarding and offboarding of staff) to your organisation.

Fusion5 helps you be successful with ITSM solutions from Ivanti and 4me.

Reduced IT operations costs

Happier staff

Fewer system outages

Smoother rollout of IT upgrades and changes

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No matter which way you go, you're picking a winner.

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Is creating corporate services catalogues difficult and time consuming? Not for long with ITSM!

If your IT, HR, Facilities, Managed Services, or product development teams need to publish a new service catalogue item on your self-service portal for user consumption, is it a mission? Does it fall into the ‘too-hard’ basket?

Many organisations don’t have the right tools to custom develop forms and workflows, tweak access privileges and integrate them into a 3rd party system. Rather than facing a major and expensive undertaking they opt for manual processes.

Automate your Service Catalogue creation

We can help you make creating and publishing service items fast, simple, and more affordable than using a full-time employee to set it up. When a user or an employee fills in a form on the self-service portal, a non-human entity does most, or all, of the work.

Examples include:

  • New user provisioning (Active Directory tasks, O365 + M365 tasks, mailbox creation, group policies)
  • User termination
  • Security access requests
  • Software requests and software installations
  • Cloud provisioning requests
  • Starting and stopping IT resources
  • Patch automation
  • SharePoint site creation
  • Teams creation
  • Any DevOps runbook

Calculate the business case for service automation

Service automation is one of the easiest business cases to justify an investment in. You take the number of times each task is performed per month and multiply it by the cost/effort of each. And hey presto, there’s your cost saving.

Then there’s all the intangible benefits such as reduced human error, better auditability, and a faster average time to resolve an issue or fulfil a request.

Architecturally, the runbook automation engine in a fit-for-purpose ITSM platform is highly scalable and deeply integrated to both the workflow engine and business rules engines, making it easier and cheaper to achieve service automation.

Tackle telephony and ticketing system integration

If you’ve done this successfully, bravo! It’s no mean feat.

Personally, we prefer (and recommend) an approach which includes an Interactive Voice Response function (IVR) that enables extension re-directs from any PABX or VOIP telephony system, and can provide all the call centre features you need — without the pain. It should be able to handle heavy call volumes at peak times, allow for zero touch password resets, can be fully integrated with softphone, has screen pops (in the ITSM tool itself), and skills-based routing. In addition, we recommend including voice automation capabilities to assist your frontline support team to handle and manage incoming calls.

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A quick guide to IT Service Managment (ITSM)

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