Feeling valued goes beyond salary. Discover the additional benefits of working at Fusion5.

  • Bonus scheme
    Working together as a team, we achieve as a team. Fusion5 has a bonus scheme that is open to all employees and reflects our joint goals and aspirations, regardless of team or department.
  • Birthday Leave
    With the intention that you spend your special day doing something special for yourself, you'll get it off! And if you want to share cake on your return to the office, that's fine too.
  • Insuring yourself
    Your biggest asset in life is yourself, your health and well-being. Partnering with Southern Cross, Fusion5 receives a range of discounted options to keep you keeping on. (NZ only)
  • Flexible Working
    It's always helpful if you can make the most of your kids getting you up early, or your dentist working that little bit later one day - just for you. At Fusion5 we will look to make your work schedule work.
  • Helping Out
    Sometimes you just want to do more than your best at work for your fellow humans. With Fusion5's Volunteer Day, staff can dedicate a day to helping out.
  • Charging up
    We have coffee machines in each kitchen space at each office location for you to charge up in the morning.
  • Chair Massage
    We offer massages to our Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide offices. 15 minutes from the comfort of your chair.
  • EAP
    When you're not sure how to solve an issue and need a confidential chat, Employee Assistance Services are available to all staff.
  • Work it out
    We've made friends with our local gyms, so can offer staff discounted (if not free) exercise options.
  • Annual Kick-off
    Each year all staff come together and we take time out to share our success and focus for the coming year. It's a time to celebrate, connect with colleagues across the business and have some fun.
  • Snack time
    It's hard to get your five plus a day when a deadline is looming, so we make healthy snacks easy by providing fresh fruit for the offices each fortnight.
  • Winter is coming
    At least once a year colds do the rounds, but to stave off the flu we offer free Flu Vaccinations.
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