Whether you are planning for tomorrow, next year or well into the future, you need a technology environment that will evolve with your changing business demands.  At Fusion5 we can assess your needs and guide your cloud choices to deliver you a resilient, elastic infrastructure ecosystem spanning private and public clouds – all fully managed on your behalf. Benefit from dynamic application delivery and cloud innovation to help you reduce complexity and cost.

Lets make the complex simple.

Hybrid Cloud is a mixed computing environment where your business uses applications that use a combination of computing, storage and services in different environments both public and private clouds including on-premise. It's not uncommon but it can be complex.

Leverage the power of cloud service

Are you seeking to leverage the power of a cloud service such as IAAS, PAAS or SAAS within a hybrid cloud?

At Fusion5 we have the flexibility to offer you both the power of Microsoft’s Azure Shared Resources, and our Microsoft Certified Private Cloud with dedicated resources hosted in our Sydney-based Australian data centre locations. Our Hybrid Cloud services are designed to integrate with your organisation’s Security and Compliance settings, and your Network connectivity requirements.

Our Hybrid Cloud service is managed with one cohesive platform incorporating 24/7 workload monitoring for utilisation and performance, regular testing of data and applications, protection and recovery services, and change support for your team.

Here's what you get:

  • Access to experts in Azure Hybrid Cloud throughout your journey.
  • Experts dedicated to collaborating with your team on architecture design, transition and system optimisation.
  • Highly secure computing infrastructure with in-hardware cyber protection.
  • Consistent enterprise-class virtualisation platform across clouds.
  • Resilient connectivity between your public and private cloud systems and cloud applications.
  • Enterprise class disaster recovery solutions leveraging Microsoft Azure.
  • A software-defined storage solution that can out-perform SAN infrastructure, with cloud-integrated storage options.
  • Software-defined networking, including physical / virtual bridging and hybrid extensions.
  • Cloud-integrated monitoring and application insight.
  • Faster application development lifecycle, increased productivity with test and dev labs in Microsoft Azure.
  • An enterprise-class storage layer with fast local cache and resilience to Azure cloud storage for the bulk of your files.
  • Knowledge transfer from our Azure experts.

Know how your business will benefit

  • You never need to invest in server hardware again
  • You have a data centre without boundaries
  • You only pay for computing power when you use it
  • Forget disconnected silos and non-compatible systems that burn time and money
  • Your people and enterprise are connected anywhere at anytime
  • You have peace of mind from world best practice IT security

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