Once burnt, twice shy?

If you’ve had your fingers burnt in previous technology engagements, we feel for you. And we understand perfectly why you have trust issues.

In most cases where enterprises have felt let down, the technology was sound, but their service provider failed to deliver what was promised, leading to disappointment, overspends, and recriminations.

If you’ve already been through the trust mill, we’re sure you know that choosing the right implementation partner is at least as crucial as choosing the right technology.

So, let’s talk about why we are trusted by some of New Zealand’s leading enterprises.

Why talk to us?

First, we have a great track record for success in implementing IBM Planning Analytics / TM1 solutions for our customers. We’re committed to delivering great outcomes every time.

We don’t think ‘good as gold’ is good enough.

We are the only specialist CPM services provider in New Zealand to have earned IBM Platinum Partner status (IBM’s highest global accolade). 

We’re local.

There are four Fusion5 offices in New Zealand, five in Australia with 35 people in our IBM team. 

We’ve got the qualifications! Specifically, our IBM team have:

  • 16 IBM PA certified members.
  • 16 consultants, several holding their IBM TM1/Planning Analytics Blackbelts (the pinnacle of technical accreditation).
  • 2 Transformation / CTOs.
  • 5 are CA / CPA accountants and we have 11 CA’s in our wider CPM team.
  • 5 have Masters / MBAs.
  • The team has 175+ years combined experience. 

Our team lineup reads like the Who’s Who of respected IBM experts and includes industry heavyweights:

Michael Mackie

Chief Technology Officer, CPM

Nel Botha

Consulting Manager - Planning & Analytics

Johann Kassier

Enterprise Planning Architect

Ben Schofield

ANZ General Manager, CPM

And because data acquisition is always a big headache come implementation time – our Data & Analytics team (complete with brilliant engineers and platforms) has your back.  

A world of expertise and support

Need more? In addition to our IBM expertise, the Fusion5 team provides business solutions and services that support you and your business in making potential reality.  

What drives us is delivering outcomes that genuinely improve your business.  

Our business experience and insights from multiple industry sectors, advanced understanding of the solutions we offer, together with innovative technology that can be wrapped around them, means we can offer ‘fit for you’ solutions that deliver tangible results for your business. 

We are multi-award-winning because we always aim to give you outcomes that will change your world. (And this is something we genuinely care about.)  

When we work with you, we go through a rigorous process to understand your current systems and then map a pathway to introducing new solutions that will ‘play nicely’ with what’s already in place. 

Once the solution is implemented, our support continues. We offer training and ongoing helpdesk support to make sure your people are fully versed in using the new solution.  

Don’t take our word for it.

Ask Fletcher Building 

A few years before we partnered with Fletcher Building, they had upgraded their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) but continued to have inconsistent planning and reporting processes, with time-consuming manual errors. So, we looked at their problems holistically and enabled them to bring their operational and finance data together in one, structured platform which now results in active project management, with powerful insights into value factors, across their developments.  

Read Fletcher Building case study

And Mitre10

For Mitre10, the scale of their business meant their legacy software and processes were unable to produce the budgeting and financial reporting they required to drive the business forward. We implemented IBM’s Planning Analytics with Watson platform, to tailor a complete planning, budgeting, and forecasting model specific to their needs. 

The result? Mitre10 can now plan and analyse data by store, department, sub-department and SKU. They have data automated from source, with configurable dashboards and views to ensure each user has easy access to the information they need. They can handle multiple financial year-ends, consolidate data from various sources for ‘one source of truth’ and make informed decision making.  

Read Mitre10 case study

Great outcomes start with great conversations

Great outcomes start with great conversations

Ready to say YES to profitability, happy employees, and great customer experience?

Request a consultation today and let our local experts help you to digitise, optimise and automate your way to success with Workday.

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