You can forecast and plan from a financial perspective — but what happens when you’re asked to extend Planning and Analysis capabilities across the whole company? Learn how your peers are already using xP&A to break down silos between Finance and the rest of the business.  Get ready for the ‘new normal’ of Extended Planning and Analysis (xPnA)

Download our 9-page whitepaper to learn valuable insights on:

Mockup of IBM xP&A White Paper
  • The role CFOs play in bringing xP&A to improve forecasting and planning from Human Resources to Procurement to Sales and Marketing, and beyond
  • The benefits of taking an xP&A approach to total business planning and forecasting on customer experience and satisfaction
  • The various xP&A options that are available, the differences between them, and how they can impact your business
  • The critical elements to get right when deciding to undertake an xPnA project
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