Don't be sorry, be better

60% of small businesses close within 6 months of a cyber-attack. Protect yours!

Just like regular dentist check-ups prevent painful toothaches, proactive cybersecurity assessments can prevent costly breaches. It’s a small investment now to prevent an even bigger, unplanned one down the line.

Fusion5 stands as your guardian, turning potential cyber threats into opportunities for strengthening your defences. Embrace the era of preventative cyber care with our Cybersecurity Assessment.

Fusion5 Cybersecurity Assessment (CSA): Your blueprint for peace of mind

Don’t wait for a cyber-attack to realise the importance of security. Dive into the essence of cybersecurity with the Fusion5 CSA. This assessment is not just a risk checklist. It's your roadmap to a secure future, guided by the critical insights of CIS Controls v8 and the Essential Eight framework.

Special Promotion: Protection for less than half price.

For a limited time, leverage the unmatched value of the CSA. Normally valued at $12,000 AUD, we're offering an unmatched rate of $5,000 AUD. This June/July 2024, ensure your business's shield is engineered by the best in cyber defence strategy.

Beyond the assessment, enhance your cyber resilience further with discounted prepaid remediation/advisory hours. Act on identified priorities with confidence and strengthen your cybersecurity posture within 90 days post-assessment.

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