Don't be sorry, be better - secure your cyber frontline

Exclusive offer for Australia's visionary IT and cybersecurity leaders - ends 31 July 2024.

In the fast-evolving digital battlefield, the margin for error narrows daily. Fusion5 stands as your beacon of resilience, transforming "what ifs" into your strategic advantage. Embrace the era of proactive cyber defence with our Cybersecurity Assessment — a gateway to not just surviving but thriving amid cyber threats.

Fusion5 Cybersecurity Assessment (CSA): Your blueprint for excellence

Dive into the essence of cybersecurity with the Fusion5 CSA. Crafted for the unique dynamics of your enterprise, this assessment isn't a mere risk checklist. It's your roadmap to a fortified future, guided by the critical insights of CIS Controls v8 and the Essential Eight framework.

Act without delay

In the realm of digital security, hesitation is a luxury you can't afford. Seize this exclusive opportunity before 31 July 2024 and embark on your journey to cyber excellence with Fusion5.

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Special promotion: Be unassailable for under half the price

For a limited time, leverage the unmatched value of the CSA. Normally valued at $12,000 AUD, we're offering an unmatched rate of $5,000 AUD. This June/July 2024, ensure your business's shield is engineered by the best in cyber defence strategy.

Beyond the assessment, enhance your cyber resilience further with discounted prepaid remediation/advisory hours. Act on identified priorities with confidence and strengthen your cybersecurity posture within 90 days post-assessment.

Why Fusion5?

Achieve the pinnacle of security maturity, setting your standards in line with industry leaders, while ensuring compliance with respected international cybersecurity frameworks. Our thorough approach ensures comprehensive coverage from endpoints to the cloud, providing you with immediate, practical recommendations to enhance your defence mechanisms effectively.

Engage with Fusion5: A four-step journey toward cyber mastery

  1. Initiation and scope: Tailoring a strategy that integrates seamlessly with your business landscape.
  2. Insightful evaluation: A deep dive into your current security posture, guided by the 18 CISv8 controls.
  3. Comprehensive analysis: Identifying vulnerabilities with precision, backed by data-driven insights.
  4. Tailored recommendations: A detailed action plan, highlighting your path to mitigate risks effectively.


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