Time to automate

The TimeFiler project was initiated for the provision of an automated time management system to be implemented across the business.  DoT needed a solution that would help with the automation of their timesheet excel process for flexi-time management, streamline reconciliations of leave across the business, provide the ability to have timely submission of timesheets and a centralised database of records for reporting, integration and analysis.

After a robust selection process, the Department of Transport WA engaged Fusion5 to implement and deliver TimeFiler to meet their flexi-time requirements.  Specifically, TimeFiler will be used to provide DoT with a tool to:

  • Manage flexi-time
  • Manage accumulated hours
  • Manage activity for regional employees’ time entries
  • Integrate leave entries from Alesco to TimeFiler to ensure payroll and timesheets are aligned
  • Allow staff to request, and managers to approve, flexi-time leave
  • Allow staff to request, and managers to approve, accumulated hours’ leave
Case Study - Department of Transport WA 1 Case Study - Department of Transport WA 1

“Fusion5 has delivered on a tight timeframe and the delivery of the project has been well executed and managed.”

Trevor Wiseman – Director of Employee Services

TimeFiler working well

TimeFiler has been well received internally with good feedback from managers. Managers are provided with a tool to view timesheets on a daily basis, rather than waiting until the end of the settlement period, which provides them with the ability to roster and manage their staff accordingly. Managers are now able to monitor time worked more closely to help ensure compliance with organisational policy and ensure the wellbeing of staff. 

The interface with leave is working extremely well and again provides managers with a tool to assist with staff rostering. Overall the feedback is that TimeFiler is very effective and provides great efficiencies managing these tasks.

What's next?

The Department of Transport has embedded Phase One of their project and are looking forward to enhancing this with additional functionality, including provisions for more data analysis e.g. analysing attendance patterns, rostering of shift workers and Project Costing Activities. 

Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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