Why DIY cybersecurity simply doesn’t cut the mustard these days

We’ve all read the stats about the rise of cybercrime, and the volume and breadth of threats. And yes, it’s truly frightening — especially as the rush to enable remote workforces has left many businesses even more vulnerable to attack.

With 43% of all cyberattacks targeting SMEs unable to afford a dedicated 24/7 security team, the pressure is on to find a better way to secure and protect. And enterprises are far from safe either, with even huge, cyber-aware giants like LinkedIn and Facebook falling prey to hackers.

A DIY approach to protecting your business from cybercrime requires investing in viable mitigation strategies, attracting (and affording) skilled cybersecurity professionals, and using the right toolsets. Failing to safeguard your entire environment — from web APIs to legacy solutions, to endpoint devices — can result in your data being held to ransom, payments diverted to outside accounts, critical applications malfunctioning or stopping altogether, sensitive information exposed, identities stolen and sold, and more.

Fusion5’s always-on Security Centre will help lighten the load with a range of services that deliver peace of mind, and value for money. We’ll help you to identify and address the risks, reduce your cybersecurity costs, and provide visibility of your biggest vulnerabilities. Now that’s a plan!

Say goodbye

Say goodbye to stress with affordable 24/7 cybersecurity expertise and protection


Protect your people, processes, finance, operations, customers, and your hard-won reputation!

Stay in the know

Stay in the know with a birds’ eye view of all malicious activity, right across your business

Track the value

Track the value of your investment with full visibility of all service outcomes

Stick to your knitting

Get out of the IT business and focus on business continuity and improvement

How can we help your business stay cybersafe, day-in, day-out?

Fusion5’s Security Centre offers a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) package for businesses looking for help protecting them from the risks associated with cyber-attack. MDR is a comprehensive, scalable service offering that covers all your cybersecurity bases. It grows as you do, ticks all the compliance and governance boxes, frees up your in-house resources to do what they do best, while relieving your users from the fear of making decisions which potentially expose your business to risk.  

Our security services are built on Microsoft’s industry-leading platform and data centres. They're designed to secure your entire digital landscape including data, identity, emails, and devices.   

Onboarding to Fusion5’s MDR is easy. And we offer simple, predictable monthly pricing. 

All inclusive

We drive unparalleled value by combining advisory, consulting, and ongoing management, and monitoring of security events in the one solution. They’re not extras.

Need a plan?

Our cybersecurity experts not only enhance your end-to-end security operations but provide you with a strategic security roadmap. And we can provide customised options

24/7 incident response

Getting attacked at 3:00am on a Sunday over a long weekend? Not a problem; while you sleep, we respond

Always-on security monitoring, triage, and analysis

Not only do we spot incoming problems, but prioritise how they are addressed based on risk

We leave no stone unturned

We hunt out undetected cyberthreats in your environment and shut them down by applying mitigations and blocking threats

Continual security improvements

We use Security Operations (SecOps) to target security improvements based on your identified threats and risks

Beef up your first line of defence

We provide security awareness training to give your team the confidence and knowledge to spot and avoid potential threats

What exactly is included in our standard Managed Detection Response (MDR) package?

Managed Detection & Response (per user)

Security monitoring / triage Daily
Security incident management  Daily
Security analysis Daily
Threat hunting (trigger) Weekly
Review connector health, playbook health, etc Weekly
Query Tuning Weekly
Analytics rules management Weekly
Threat hunting rules management Weekly
Review new connectors, workbook updates Monthly
Review resources Monthly

Security (per user)

Secure Cloud Monitor Defender for Cloud alerts Daily
  Azure Secure Score and Security Benchmark compliance monitoring Daily
Secure devices Threat monitoring Daily
  Compliance monitoring Weekly
  Threat management Weekly
Secure identity Monitor unusual locations Daily
  Monitor failed and attempted logins Daily
Secure emails (per mailbox) Monitor quarantine emails Daily
  Spoofing alerts monitoring Daily
  Investigate user email submissions Daily
  DKIM, DMARC, SPF monitoring Weekly
 Secure Data Monitor application consent requests Daily
  Monitor DLP Daily
  Monitor sharing links, sync events Weekly

Straightforward monthly pricing*

*excluding tax *NZD

We offer a set monthly price MDR service based on your user numbers. Prices are inclusive of all of the MDR services detailed above.    

  • Small business
    $88 per user/per month for the first 80 users
  • Medium business
    As for small businesses; but only $40 per additional user per month between 81 to 160 users
  • Large business
    As for medium businesses; but only $20 per additional user per month between 161 to 300 users

For example, if you had 120 employees the pricing would be as follows:

• First 80 employees = $88 per user per month
• Additional 40 employees (81-120) = $40 per user per month

Total cost per/month → (88x40) + (40x40) = $8,640

For 300+ users (enterprise level), more details, or to discuss a customised solution,

Contact us

Why trust Fusion5 to protect you?

We know the phrase is overused, but we take genuine pride in being a ‘safe pair of hands.’

Fusion5 is the Microsoft New Zealand Partner of the Year 2021, we are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner (including Gold Security), and our Managed Services are ISO/IEC 27001 certified. Our team members are all background checked, highly experienced, and hold current certifications relevant to our Security Centre operations and offerings.


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Great outcomes start with great conversations

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